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Yann Spöri, QF-Test development & support

The QF-Test examples, demos and practical exercises give you a quick start.

Yann Spöri,
Software Engineer, QFS

Uwe Klüh, Senior Sales Manager, QFS

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Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS


List of figures
Working with a Sample Test-suite [30-45 min]
1.1  The Test-suite Options.qft
1.2  The "Test-set: Options" Node
1.3  The Setup Node
1.4  The Start Java SUT Client Node
1.5  The Options Demo
1.6  The Clickstream Test-case Node
1.7  The "Table" Test Sequence
1.8  The Text Field to Check
1.9  The Text Check Test-case
1.10  Error in Check Text Node
1.11  Run-Log for the Check Text Sequence
1.12  Diagnosis of Error in the Check Text Sequence.
1.13  Screenshot node showing the error situation
1.14  The "Selected test" Node
1.15  Radio Buttons in the Options Demo
1.16  The Cleanup Sequence
1.17  Run-Log for the Completed Test-set "Options"
1.18  Report Generation Properties
1.19  An HTML Report
Creating a Test-suite [45-60 min]
2.1  The Quickstart Wizard
2.2  Select type of SUT
2.3  Specification of the Java executable.
2.4  Working directory.
2.5  Jar file selection.
2.6  SWT instrumentation
2.7  Client name
2.8  Final Information
2.9  Generated Setup Sequence
2.10  The FileChooserDemo Window
2.11  The Recorded Clickstream
2.12  Start organizing the Test-suite
2.13  Component selection dialog
2.14  Setup sequence of the FileChooserDemo
2.15  The Organization of your Test-suite
2.16  Recording a Check in the FileChooser Window
2.17  The Text-Check Test-case Organized into the Tree Structure
2.18   The Run-Log of Your Test-set
2.19  Properties of the "Check Text" Node
2.20  The Check Enabled Status Test-case
Using the Debugger [30-45 min]
3.1   Starting Options.qft with the debugger
3.2  The debugger window
3.3  After a step-in operation
3.4  Preparing for step-over command
3.5  Preparing for the step-out command
3.6  Setting a breakpoint
3.7  Select a node to modify
3.8  The modified node
3.9  No component for QF-Test ID error
3.10  Jump to run-log
Writing a Procedure [30-45 min]
4.1  Skeleton for new Test-suite
4.2  Checkbox within the Miscellaneous Options of the SUT
4.3  Adding a Procedure
4.4  Recording the "Check boolean: selected" Node
4.5  A 'Check boolean: selected' Node within the Procedure
4.6  The Checkbox omponent within the component tree
4.7  'Check boolean: selected' Error
4.8  Throw Exception on Failure
4.9  Selecting an Exception to Catch
4.10  CheckFailedException in the Run-Log
4.11  Procedure with Try/Catch
4.12  Procedure with Completed Try/Catch Mechanism
4.13  Variable Replacing Fixed Component
4.14  Properties of a Procedure Call
Creating a Generalized Procedure [30-45 min]
5.1  The Checkbox Package
5.2  Check for Unselected State
5.3  Checkbox Package with two Procedures
5.4  Default Value for Procedure Variable
5.5  Condition Statement for the "If" Node
5.6  The If/Else Construct
5.7  The If/Elseif/Else Construct
5.8  Procedure Call to setState
5.9  Comments for Package Documentation
5.10  The Package Documentation
Modularization [30-45 min]
6.1  Utility Suite utils.qft
6.2  Deselect Checkbox Sequence-Node
6.3  Sequence-Node with Recorded Click
6.4  Procedure Call to utils.qft
6.5  An Include List
6.6  Constant Reference to the SUT Client
6.7  Variable Reference to the SUT Client
6.8  Setting a Default Test-suite Variable
The Standard Library [30-45 min]
7.1  The Test-suite StdLibDemo.qft
7.2  The SUT for Testing the Standard Library
7.3  The Standard Library
7.4  Setting the $(client) Variable
7.5  Example Usage of the qfs.swing.checkbox Package
7.6  Example Call to qfs.swing.menu.setSubCheckItem
7.7  Selecting a Sub-Menu Check Item within the SUT
7.8  Example Usage of text.clearArea
7.9  Example Usage of tree.expand
7.10  Tree Component Items
Managing Complex GUI Components [30-45 min]
8.1  Start Java SUT Client Node for ItemsDemo
8.2  The ItemsDemo Window
8.3  Mouse Operations Performed on a JList
8.4  Reference to a JList Item
8.5  JList Item Node
8.6  JList Item Properties
8.7  JList Item with Numeric Index
8.8  JList Item with Regular Expression Index
8.9  The Sample Table within the SUT
8.10  Mouse Clicks Recorded from the JTable
8.11  Registered Items Nodes for the JTable
8.12  Properties of a JTable Column Item Node
8.13  Mouse Clicks using the syntax for direct access
8.14  A Table with Duplicate Items
8.15  Mouse Clicks Recorded from the JTree
8.16  Direct Numeric Reference to a JTree Node
Working with a Sample Test-suite [30-45 min]
10.1  The Test-suite webdemo.qft
10.2  The "Test-set: Web demo" Node
10.3  The "Setup: Start browser"
10.4  The Web Demo Page in the Browser Window
10.5  The Clickstream Test-case Node
10.6  The "Menu items" Test Sequence
10.7  The "Name:" Label to Check
10.8  The Text Check Test-case
10.9  Error in String Check Node
10.10  Run-Log for the Text Check Sequence
10.11  Diagnosis of Error in the Text Check Sequence.
10.12  Screenshot node showing the error situation
10.13  The "Selected test" Node
10.14  Radio Buttons in the Web Demo
10.15  The Cleanup Sequence "Stop Browser"
10.16  Run-Log for the Completed Test-set "Web demo"
10.17  Report Generation Properties
10.18  An HTML Report
Creating a Test-suite [45-60 min]
11.1  The Quickstart Wizard
11.2  Select type of SUT
11.3  Specification of the URL.
11.4  AJAX toolkit.
11.5  Browser selection.
11.6  Internet Explorer compatibility mode.
11.7  Java executable for starting the Browser wrapper.
11.8  Browser settings
11.9  Browser window name
11.10  Client name
11.11  Final Information
11.12  Generated Setup Sequence
11.13  The Recorded Clickstream
11.14  The Organization of your Test-suite
11.15  Recording a Text Check
11.16  The Text-Check Test Organized into the Tree Structure
11.17   The Run-Log of Your Test
11.18  Properties of the "Check Text" Node
The Demo Application [5 min]
14.1  The main window of the JCarConfigurator
Data driven Testing: Running one 'Test-case' with different test data [30-45 min]
15.1  Traditional way of data driven testing
15.2  Traditional way with a nested 'Test-set'
15.3  Data table dialog
15.4  The filled data table
15.5  'Test-set' with 'Data driver'
15.6  Using the $(discount) parameter
15.7  Full data table
15.8  Name for run-log and report attribute
15.9  Run-log with different names per 'Test-case'
Dependencies: Automatically ensuring correct prerequisites for each 'Test-case' [60 min]
16.1  First 'Test-set' of dependencies_work.qft
16.2  First 'Test-set' of dependencies_work.qft
16.3  Sample test-suite with the first 'Dependency'
16.4  The run-log of the execution
16.5  The new 'Setup' implementation
16.6  The test-suite with a 'Dependency reference'
16.7  Ensuring prerequisites for 'Test-case' 'Discount 15'
16.8  'vehicles dialog opened' 'Dependency'
16.9  Implementation of specified test-cases
16.10  Run-log of nested 'Dependencies'
16.11  Test-suite of 'Error handler'
16.12  'Dependency' with 'Error handler'
16.13  Run-log for 'Dependency' with 'Error handler'
16.14  Try-catch nodes in each 'Test-case'
16.15  Test-suite with 'Catch'
16.16  Run-log of a 'Dependency' with 'Catch'
Automated creation of basic procedures [60 min]
17.1  Screenshot of test-suite
17.2  The test-suite automated_procedures_work.qft
17.3  The recorded procedures
17.4  The test-suite containing the procedures
17.5  The procedures for all panels
17.6  The current configuration
17.7  The own configuration file
17.8  The checkText procedure
17.9  The checkText procedure with parameters
17.10  Using the <COMPID> place holder
17.11  Your first automatically created procedures
17.12  The configuration for the current text
17.13  The created procedures with the current text
17.14  The template for container procedures
17.15  Usage of @FORCHILDREN tag
17.16  The created container procedures
17.17  Configuration of <CCURRENTVALUE>
17.18  Test-suite using <CCURRENTVALUE>
17.19  Parameters for container procedures
17.20  Parameters for container procedures in test-suite
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