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Recording Checks

To verify the client's behavior we use check nodes, which query certain states and properties of elements within the SUT. Also checks can be recorded.

  • ActionClick the "Record a check" Record a check button.
  • Switch to the SUT window. When moving the mouse over the components you will notice a blue border indicating the current selection.
  • Move the mouse over the value field of "Final price" and wait for the check border to appear.
  • Right-click now on the value field. In the popup menu you are offered a choice of standard checks for a text field component.
  • Select the first option "Text" for a check on the textual value of the field.
  • Stop the recording by using the StopStop button.

NoteEnsure the check border is shown for a component before clicking to record a check. Otherwise the check may not be recored properly.

Again, the newly recorded sequence appears in the "Extras" section.

  • ActionPlease rename the sequence to "Check final price"
  • Expand it to see the check node.
Figure 20.10:  The recorded check node
  • ActionFeel free to run this sequence, too, verifying it is working properly.

As the next step, we want to create a test case from the two sequences.