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Over 1000 companies from 50 countries worldwide are now using QF-Test productively, among them the ten largest IT services companies woldwide (Source: Service Top 100, 2010).

QF-Test provides an important contribution to software quality assurance cross-industry. In particular, companies on the whole world trust our test tool in areas where error-free functionality of a software is economically important - like banks, insurance companies, online portals, government ministries and state agencies and the automotive industry - or even vital, as in healthcare, energy sector, aerospace and traffic security.

We would like to thank all our customers, especially the following companies and organizations, institutions of research and education, open source projects, non-profit organizations who have given permission to be listed as reference.

Companies and organizations

Adcubum Adcubum AG, Switzerland, uses QF-Test for its health insurance IT solution Adcubum Syrius. afb afb Application Services AG, Munich, Germany, uses QF-Test for its product afb Credit Management Solution .
AGFA AGFA, Germany ALEA ALEA, Germany
Amadeus Amadeus, France, England and Australia (case study, evalimonial) Analogic Analogic Corp., Peabody, USA (testimonial)
AUDI AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, Germany BEA BEA Systems, USA and Japan (case study, testimonial)
Bison Bison Schweiz AG, Switzerland BOL BOL, Holland, uses QF-Test for testing its web shop.
Brocade Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, USA (testimonial) BSB, financial software provider BSB, Belgium, Luxembourg and France
FOCA Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA, Switzerland Calcucare Calcucare GmbH, Germany
Capgemini Capgemini, Denmark, uses QF-Test in the County of Århus' Electronical Patient Journal project. (testimonial, testimonial) Compiere Compiere, Inc., Redwood Shores, USA (trainimonial)
CoreMedia CoreMedia AG, Germany, uses QF-Test for its content management solution CMS. (evaluation report , web evaluation report , case study ) CURSOR CURSOR Software AG, Germany
DataArt DataArt, Inc., Russia (testimonial) DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Köln, Germany.
EASY SOFTWARE AG EASY SOFTWARE AG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany emundo eMundo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria
ESO The European Southern Observatory (ESO) uses QF-Test for its P2PP Tool. Excelsior LLC Excelsior LLC, Russia, uses QF-Test for its software solution Excelsior JET (case study, evalimonial, complementary tool)
Exie Exie AS, Oslo, Norway (testimonial) GK Software GK SOFTWARE AG, Germany
HP Hewlett-Packard, Germany (case study) HF MIXING GROUP HF MIXING GROUP, Freudenberg, Germany
HPD Software HPD Software, London, UK (testimonial) HPV Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung e.G., Germany
HSP hsp Handels-Software-Partner GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany, uses QF-Test for its eBilanz software application. IDL IDL Beratung für integrierte DV-Lösungen GmbH Mitte, Germany
Interfacing Technologies Corporation Interfacing Technologies Corporation, Montreal, Canada, uses QF-Test for its Enterprise Process Center. (trainimonial) Invision Inc. Invision Inc., New York, USA, uses QF-Test for its ad sales software solution DealMaker. (testimonial)
KVWL Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe, Germany Le Bihan Le Bihan, France (case study)
Logistik Pur Logistik Pur, Austria, uses QF-Test for its ERP-/PPS System Helium V. Linkvest Sword Linkvest SA, Petit-Lancy, Switzerland (testimonial)
Magma Magma Design Automation, Inc., USA (testimonial) Micros MICROS Retail Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Midtjylland The region of Midtjylland, Denmark uses QF-Test for its Electronic Patient Journal project. (case study) MÜNCHENER VEREIN Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe, Munich, Germany (testimonial)
Neotys Neotys, France, uses QF-Test for its Web Load Testing Tool NeoLoad. (testimonial) NorCom NorCom Information Technology AG, Germany
OFD Hannover Oberfinanzdirektion Hanover, Germany (case study) Océ Océ, Germany, uses QF-Test for its output management system PRISMAproduction. (trainimonial)
optadata.com GmbH optadata.com GmbH, Essen, Germany pds GmbH pds GmbH, Rotenburg, Germany
Philips Medical Systems Philips Medical Systems, Germany Planon Planon, Holland, uses QF-Test for its Facility Management Software Products. (case study, testimonial)
PPI AG PPI Aktiengesellschaft, Germany (evalimonial) QLogic QLogic, USA (testimonial)
RJ Lee Group Inc RJ Lee Group Inc, Monroeville, USA (evaluation report) rola Security Solutions rola Security Solutions, Germany, uses QF-Test for its software product rsCASE®. (case study)
RTL Television GmbH RTL Television GmbH, Germany (testimonial) Ruag RUAG Electronics AG, Bern, Switzerland
Sbe SBE network solutions GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany (evaluation report) Schema Schema LTD, Israel (evalimonial)
Sciforma Sciforma Corporation, USA (testimonial) Securify Securify, USA (testimonial)
Sekas Sekas, Germany, uses QF-Test for its Quality Management System QUOTIS. Signet Medical Systems Signet Medical Systems, Merrimac, USA (evalimonial)
Skyguide Skyguide Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd, Wangen, Switzerland Softplant Softplant GmbH, Ingolstadt, Germany
Software AG Software AG Germany utilizes QF-Test for quality assurance within its world wide R&D organization. Stoneball Stoneball, Germany
SwissLife Swiss Life AG, Germany, uses QF-Test for their insurance quote system EVApro. (case study) tarent GmbH tarent GmbH, Germany
ThyssenKrupp Steel AG ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, Germany Tibco TIBCO Software Inc., USA (testimonial)
tick-TS AG tick-TS AG, Germany, uses QF-Test for its trading software product TradeBase MX. Tropos Networks Tropos Networks, USA, uses QF-Test for Tropos Control.
UFA, Inc. UFA, Inc., USA Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. Unlimi-Tech Software Inc., Canada, uses QF-Test for its file transfer product FileCatalyst.
Verigy Verigy uses QF-Test at locations in Shanghai and USA. Visma Visma, Sweden, uses QF-Test for Procedo. (testimonial)
Wairever Wairever, Inc., Canada, uses QF-Test for its clinical standards management tool Plexina. (testimonial) Wokup! Wokup!, France
Zend Zend Technologies Ltd., USA, Israel (testimonial) Zerene Systems Zerene Systems LLC, USA, uses QF-Test for Zerene Stacker, a focus-stacking program for digital photography. (testimonial)

Research and education

AspIT AspIT, Denmark, is a specialized Vocational Education and Training (VET) program for young people with Asperger's syndrome and a special talent in IT. AspIT has been selected by European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education as best practice within its field and uses QF-Test in their QA classes. CompNETCAD With support from compNETCAD Technology Transfer QF-Test is used in lectures at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) at Kumasi, Ghana.
EUMETSAT EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany FHS St.Gallen At FHS St.Gallen, Switzerland, QF-Test is used at the NeuroComputing Competence Center.
Hochschule Offenburg At Offenburg University of Applied Science, Germany, QF-Test is used whithin the teaching program at the Faculty of Computer Science . TU Berlin At Technical University Berlin, Germany, QF-Test is used in projects within the Department of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science.
TU Darmstadt At Technical University Darmstadt, Faculty of Computer Science, Germany, QF-Test is used whithin the Verifun project. TU Dresden At Technical University Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science, Germany, QF-Test is used whithin a practical course at the institute for software technology.
Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (FH) At University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany, QF-Test is used for education in the field of Software Engineering and Testing. NTB Buchs At Interstate University of Applied Sciences of Technology Buchs NTB, Switzerland, QF-Test is used in the field of Software Engineering and Testing.
SBI At Munich Vocational School for Information Technology, Germany, QF-Test is used in education of IT specialists. RFPK The Resource Facility for Population Kinetics (RFPK) in the Bioengineering Department of the University of Washington uses QF-Test for its System for Population Kinetics (SPK).
University Medical Center Freiburg University Medical Center Freiburg uses QF-Test in its computer center for the self-developed patient management system (PdvGo). Vanderbilt Office of Research Informatics Vanderbilt Office of Research Informatics, Nashville, USA

Open Source projects

CUBRID CUBRID is an object-relational database management system (DBMS) optimized for Web services. MyTourbook MyTourbook is a free software, which allows to transfer tours from a GPS device to a PC and display it in a graphic or map - and much more...
PCGen PCGen is a character generator for role-playing games. PovClipse PovClipse is a free Eclipse editor plugin for the Povray (Persistence of Vision) and MegaPOV raytracers, specialized on editing the SDL scene files and running the raytracer.

Non profit organizations

Mercyships Mercy Ships is a global charity that operates a fleet of hospital ships to provide free healthcare and community development to developing nations.