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Our customers

Test automation worldwide with QF‑Test

All company sizes, a lot of existing customers. Over 1,300 companies from more than 55 countries worldwide are now using QF-Test productively (> 8,000 Licenses). Small and medium-sized enterprises are among them, but also lots of the largest IT service companies in the world.

Cross-industry. QF-Test provides an important contribution to software quality assurance cross-industry. In particular, companies on the whole world trust our test tool in areas where error-free functionality of a software is economically important - like banks, insurance companies, online portals, government ministries and state agencies and the automotive industry - or even vital, as in healthcare, energy sector, aerospace and traffic security.

We would like to thank all our customers (lots of them are standing QF-Test customers) who have given permission to be listed as reference.

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