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First Test case

Let's check out now what test case "First" contains. There are four test steps inside:

Figure 10.6:  The "First" Test case

Reset - performs a reset by use of the File->Reset menu action.
Select Model I5 - chooses the last model I5 within the vehicles table.
Select Special Model Jazz - switches to the Specials tab and choose the Jazz option.
Check Final Price - checks that the calculated final price field located at bottom right equals a given value.

Test steps are used to group the nodes and to document what is being done. This will prove very useful when it comes to error analysis or test adaptations.

  • ActionExpand the four test step nodes.
Figure 10.7:  Details of the first Test case

You can see Mouse clicks and Checks, which have been grouped in test step nodes for better readability of the test case. The action nodes display the action type (Mouse click, Check, ...) and the component targeted, i.e. where the action goes to. When writing a test you can use the QF-Test recording function to create them. Recording will be explained in the next chapter 11.

  • ActionPlease select the test case "First" node
  • Click the replay button Play.

The test steps will then be replayed in the SUT, which will happen very quickly.

The test result is indicated during and after the test run in the status line at the bottom of the QF-Test main window and should read now 'Finished: No errors'. Next to it there are counters for the numbers and results of the test cases executed. In our case it was just one, error-free, which means a success rate of 100%.

Figure 10.8:  The result view in the status line

Each counter icon has a descriptive tool tip. A list of all counters can be found in the chapter 'Capture and replay' of the manual.