Over time we are going to upload videos for every chapter of the tutorial which will lead you step by step through QF-Test.

Identifying reusable parts

In this chapter we will work with the test-suite FirstJavaTests.qft you already know from chapter one.

  • Action Copy FirstWebTests.qft from the subdirectory qftest-5.3.4/doc/tutorial of the QF-Test installation to a working directory and
  • open FirstWebTests.qft.
  • If you want to keep the changes you will be making to the demo test-suite save it in a working directory as described at the end of section 11.1.

Please have a look at the test-step "Reset" in the two test-cases. They are exactly the same.

Two identical test-steps
Figure 12.1:  Two identical test-steps

Following above concepts it would be a good idea to turn them into a procedure.