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Loading the Test suite

Note On first startup of QF-Test and/or the System Under Test (SUT) via QF-Test you might get a security warning from the firewall asking whether to block the Java network communication or not. As QF-Test communicates with the SUT by means of network protocols, this must not be blocked by the local firewall in order to allow automated testing.

After starting up QF-Test, you can immediately bring up our first example test suite.

  • ActionPress the Open file toolbar button to bring up the file open dialog
  • Navigate to the subdirectory qftest-7.1.4/doc/tutorial of your QF-Test installation
  • There select the file FirstWebTests.qft

QF-Test will then load the indicated test suite which should look as follows:

Figure 10.1:  The Test suite FirstWebTests.qft

The left part of the main window contains the test suite, organized in a tree structure.
The right side shows the details of a selected tree node.
At bottom right you'll see the terminal displaying messages sent by QF-Test and the application you are testing.

In the tree structure of the main window you can navigate and select individual nodes of the test suite.

  • ActionDouble click the node Test set: Simple Tests to expand it.

You'll find the test set contains two test case nodes enclosed by a "Setup"/"Cleanup" pair.

Figure 10.2:  The "Test set: Simple Tests" Node

In the following sections we'll describe the purpose and function of the individual nodes.