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Skipping Execution of Nodes

The "skip" functions expand the QF-Test debugger's capabilities in a powerful way which is not typically possible for a debugger in a standard programming environment. In short, they allow you to jump over one or more nodes without having to execute them. This may be helpful for various reasons, e.g. to quickly navigate to a certain position in your test run or to skip a node which currently leads to an error.

With the end of the last section, the test suite should have reached the following state:

Activate debugging mode
Figure 23.7:  Pause execution at first node of the second test case
  • Action Now press the Skip overSkip-Over button. QF-Test simply jumps over the active node without executing any child nodes. The active node now is the next node to be executed on the same level.
Step over
Figure 23.8:  Skip over a node
  • Action At last, press the Skip outSkip-Out button. You see that QF-Test skips all nodes on the same (or lower) level and directly jumps to the next node one level up in hierarchy.
Step out
Figure 23.9:  Skip out of a node

Note Use "Skip over" and "Skip out" cautiously as skipping out of a sequence before it is completed can leave the SUT in an unknown state that other sequences or tests in your test suite cannot react to.