QF-Test features specifically for Java testing

  • All Java GUI-technologies covered
  • Full access to the Java API of the application under test by integrated scripting languages Groovy, Jython and JavaScript
  • A lot of extension-APIs
  • Full support of complex structures enabled by focus on and deep integration with the Java platform

All QF-Test Features

Java GUI Tests

  • Java Swing, JavaFX, AWT, SWT, Eclipse Plug-Ins, RCP, WebStart, Applets, RIA, ULC (UltraLightClient), Captain Casa, JavaFX SubScene components.
  • Hybrid applications with web, too (embedded browser): e.g. JxBrowser, SWT-Browser,  JavaFX WebView components.
  • Custom technology examples: Syrius, GK Software, FirstSpirit...

Cross-platform for Windows, Linux/Unix and macOS

Java application

THE automated testing tool for all common Java-GUIs

Fine-tuned during its history in numerous customer environments, QF‑Test is able to handle applications of arbitrary complexity. Where other automated testing tools fail, QF‑Test often remains the only functioning choice due to its focus on and deep integration with the Java platform. The combination of a quick learning curve and a rich feature set enable writing well structured and maintainable regression tests and make it an efficient and valuable tool in the quality assurance process with a quick ROI.

Generic classes in testing

Migration without regression via generic classes

  • Migration without regression, e.g. Swing to JavaFX or RCP/RAP...
  • Example of Centris AG

Create your automated Java GUI tests with QF-Test before or after the migration and use them virtually unmodified to ensure a continual correct functionality of your application. The basis for this is the high abstraction degree of the generic classes of QF-Test that guarantee a flexible, robust and cross technological component recognition. This allows a massive gain in confidence as regressions can be detected without any further test effort.

Everything began with Java.

QF-Test itself is written in Java!

Java Swing/AWT Testing

QF-Test has continuously supported Java Swing (the traditional GUI toolkit, with is part of every Java version of Oracle since 1997) since its very beginning in 1999 as a tool for automated GUI testing. Since then, QF-Test has continuously been improved and extended and works reliably for all variants like Applets, WebStart, ULC, Captain Casa, as well as RIA (Rich Internet Application) variants.

JavaFX Testing

JavaFX is the successor of Swing and an integral part of Java 8. Since 2014 QF-Test supports this GUI technology and provides advanced testing support including complex components like trees and tables. JavaFX SubScene components can be tested as well. When you migrate your application from Java Swing to JavaFX, you can reuse Swing GUI tests in QF-Test for JavaFX automated testing with little effort.

Article by Wolfgang Weigend, Oracle:
Automated Testing of JavaFX GUI-Components.

Java SWT Testing

Java GUI tests for applications based on the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), including Eclipse plug-ins and the Rich Client Platform (RCP). QF-Test has continuously provided support for this toolkit since 2008. An important feature is automatic naming of RCP objects for stable and reliable component recognition. Support for some special components like ktable or some of the tables from the Nebula project is also included.


I evaluated about 10 tools for automated Java GUI testing. Our table models were very complex therefore for evaluation of the tools I designed few tests/criteria which dealt with cells' content and images. Neither of the tools could perform all tests. I contacted specialists from technical support, they either admitted that their tools could not do some specific tasks, or they tried to offer workarounds, which would be an option if I would not find a tool that "does it all."

When I evaluated QF-Test it passed all my tests. Still I was a little bit hesitant because its scripting language was Jython, and learning a new language is a considerable effort, though an extensive array of standard nodes was very simple to use. Some of other tools had scripting language which I already knew; nevertheless eventually I made my mind and selected QF-Test reasoning that reliable performance was more important than my learning efforts.

Matt Ezren, QA developer

Creditex, Inc., New York, USA

After evaluating a number of Java Swing automated testing tools, we found QF-Test to be the only one that managed to execute Java GUI tests on multiple platforms without platform dependency issues.

Let me add three sentences about your support: "This is what I call a response time! Great job! No wonder that your company is such a success :).

Bojan Lozinsek, Projektmanager

Hermes Softlab, Maribor, Slovenia

My personal opinion is that QF‑Test is still the best JAVA GUI test tool in market.

Saša Milošević, QA engineer

NIRI Intelligent Computing, Serbia

QF-Test was the only automation tool that worked on our specific, highly customized Swing framework.

Isis Bauquis, Test engineer

Sword Linkvest SA, Switzerland

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