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The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.2 focuses on integrated testing of Java desktop applications that are displayed in a browser using the technologies...

Register for our free special webinar "Webswing Testing with QF-Test". We will announce and present our tool partnership. You can bring your Java...

This maintenance update adds support for Eclipse / SWT 4.17 alias "2020-09" and fixes a rare image compression problem.

We show you how to achieve this in QF-Test and how we develop our concepts.

The maintenance upgrade QF-Test 5.1.1 adds support for Opera 70 and JxBrowser 7.10 and fixes a number of bugs.

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.1 focuses on bringing support for embedded browsers - JxBrowser (including version 7), SWT Browser and JavaFX WebView, up...

This maintenance update adds support for Eclipse / SWT 4.16 alias "2020-06" and fixes a number of bugs.

Travelling to Treasure Island - recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript

We have modernized our web site and are happy to get feedback from you.

QF-Test 5.0.2 is a maintenance release with a few minor version updates and a handful of bug fixes.

88 News Gefunden

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