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QF-Test version 7.1.5 is now available. With this maintenance release the visual UI Inspector also supports Eclipse/SWT applications and so is now available for all QF-Test UI engines.

This maintenance release adds support for Eclipse / SWT 4.32 alias "2024-06" and fixes a number of smaller bugs.

This maintenance release adds support for Java 23 and fixes a number of smaller bugs. Moreover, the visual inspector for analyzing UI components is now also available for JavaFX applications.


QF-Test version 7.1.2 is available. This maintenance release brings support for Eclipse / SWT 4.31 or "2024-03" and fixes some minor bugs.

The only change to this version is the removal of three executable files from the embedded cdp4j library that were suddenly flagged as malicious by various scanners. Those files were part of QF-Test since version 6.0.4 (November 2022), have never been used by QF-Test and should be harmless.

In our latest medium upgrade QF-Test 7.1 the display of tree nodes in test-suites and protocols has been revised. In addition, QF-Test now has a special high contrast theme and you can now analyze the structure of Windows, Swing and embedded web applications with the QF-Test UI inspector.

Our latest maintenance release QF-Test 7.0.8 is available for download. It adds support for Eclipse 2023-12 as well as JxBrowser 7.36 and fixes a number of smaller bugs.

The critical vulnerability in the WebP graphics library, which affects many kinds of software products, including all browsers, has made high waves in the IT world over the last two weeks. Since QF-Test also uses this library, we first replaced it in version 7.0.6 and updated the embedded Chrome browser for QF-Driver on Windows in today`s release QF-Test 7.0.7.

This maintenance release fixes a serious security issue in the WebP library embedded in QF-Test for image compression in run logs and test suites. The library has been updated to version 1.3.2.

Besides a few bug fixes, including a critical update for support of headless Chrome 117 and higher on Linux, this maintenance release adds support for JxBrowser 7.35 and updates the standard library qfs.qft for Acrobat Reader version 23 and up.

96 News Gefunden

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