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Error or Exception triggering Debugging Mode

When debugging a test you may want run it until it encounters an error, an exception or sometimes even a warning and then have it pause in debugging mode.

In this section you will see how this can be done while debugging the second test case.

  • Action Please open the debugger menu and change the default options as follows:
  • Activate the »Debugger«-»Enable debugger« menu item.
  • Also activate the »Debugger«-»Options«-»Break on error« menu item.

Afterwards, when you open the debugger menu and options submenu it should look like this:

Debugger option
Figure 23.10:  Set debugger options to pause on error

We changed the debugger options because with default settings QF-Test will not pause on exceptions or errors, as you saw earlier on.

  • ActionSelect the "Test-suite" node and start test execution via "Start test run" Play.

QF-Test will pause at the faulty node and enter debugging mode:

Test run stopped by error
Figure 23.11:  Test run stopped by error

The node which halted test execution will be indicated by an arrow and its symbol will be surrounded by a red square. Also, an error dialog will inform you about the failed check.

As always the run log is the key to resolving errors, so let's open it and find out how to resolve the error in the next section.

Error Dialog
Figure 23.12:  Error Dialog
  • ActionClick the Jump to run log button in the error dialog.