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Inspecting the Standard Library

In addition to inserting procedure calls from the Standard Library, it also can be helpful to sometimes have a look how certain things have been implemented.

  • Action Locate and load the test suite file qfs.qft, which is located in the qftest-7.1.5/include directory of your QF-Test installation.
Figure 25.1:  The Standard Library

You can see there is one main package qfs that contains further specific packages. The qfs package helps to easily identify the packages belonging to the standard library.

The specific packages cover very different areas of utility procedures described in more detail further below.

Note Within nearly all of the procedures of this library, you'll notice that the variable $(client) is referenced. This is the standard mechanism for creating independence from a specific SUT. Here, the library assumes that the test suite which uses the library will set a value for $(client) prior to using any procedures.