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11. June 2024

Webswing and QFS: A Powerful Alliance for Java Application Migration

We have been working closely with Webswing for several years to bring Swing applications to the web and do it in a safe, well-tested way. Now, Webswing have written a short blog post to talk about the benefits of this partnership:

Recognizing the synergy between Webswing and QFS, QFS integrated extensive support for Webswing applications. This integration allows comprehensive testing of Java applications in their native form, as web applications via Webswing, or both concurrently. This makes QF-Test an ideal tool for companies migrating their Java applications to the web.

We are excited about the continuous improvements coming to Webswing and will make sure that QF-Test remains the best way to accompany a migration to Webswing with reliable and easy-to-use end-to-end testing.

Learn more on the Webswing blog or on our “Integrated Webswing testing” page.

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