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The current production version of QF-Test is 7.0.5: Release Notes

Besides a few bug fixes, including a critical update for support of headless Chrome 117 and higher on Linux, this maintenance release adds support for JxBrowser 7.35 and updates the standard library qfs.qft for Acrobat Reader version 23 and up.

Maintenance release 7.0.4 updates the JRE distributed with QF-Test to Temurin version, adds support for Eclipse / SWT 4.29 alias "2023-09" as well as JxBrowser 7.34 and fixes a number of smaller bugs.

Version 7.0.3 fixes a few bugs, most notably special cases concerning recognition of legacy qfs:label extra features and empty screenshots.

Version 7.0.2 contains an important bug fix for session handling while 7.0.1 brought support for ARM Java on macOS as well as Eclipse / SWT 4.28 alias "2023-06".

Most noticeable in QF-Test 7.0 is the streamlined UI. On top of that, there is the long-requested, beautiful new dark mode.

The paradigm shift towards SmartID is now accomplished, thanks to a complete overhaul of the algorithm for determining the best label for a component.

Testing web applications is greatly improved thanks to an intuitive new way of configuring CustomWebResolvers, complemented by a brand-new visual UI inspector.

Package typeFilePlatform
An installer for Windows (recommended) QF-Test-7.0.5.exe Windows icon
A self-extracting 7z archive for Windows QF-Test-7.0.5-sfx.exe Windows icon
A tar archive for Linux/Unix QF-Test-7.0.5.tar.gz Linux icon
A disk image for macOS QF-Test-7.0.5.dmg Mac icon

Highlights QF-Test Version 7.0

  • Streamlined UI 

  • Dark mode

  • Paradigm shift towards SmartID

  • Complete overhaul of the algorithm for determining the best label of a component

  • Improved Testing of web applications thanks to an intuitive new way of configuring CustomWebResolvers

  • New visual UI inspector

You can download the demo version at any time to try QF-Test. However, saving the tests is only possible with a license.

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Updating an old license

If you already have a valid commercial or trial license for an older QF-Test version, please proceed as follows to obtain a license upgrade:

  • Download and install QF-Test as described below. It can be installed parallel to your old installation. Make a backup copy of your old license and install it so that QF-Test will pick it up.
  • When you start QF-Test it checks the validity of your license. If you need to upgrade, click the "Request update" button to bring up your browser with a license upgrade form. Please fill in and submit the form. Please make sure that you provide a correct email address.

The License file for QF‑Test

Since QF-Test 4.0 it is possible to activate or update your license directly by use of the "Help"→"Update license..." menu action. Of course the traditional way as described below is also still valid.

The license file is sent via email and named license without any extension. The file is the same for all operating systems. Unfortunately some mail clients try to guess the file type and add an extension on their own. What you need to do with this file is to put it into the root directory of your QF-Test installation and rename it to "license" without any extensions, if necessary.

When you restart QF-Test the new license will be detected automatically and the program is meant to start up without respective notification dialogs. You can verify the installed license data via the "Help"→"Info" menu action at any time.

Old production versions

QF-Test Roadmap 6.0
QF-Test Version 6.0

Download 6.0.5...

Icon QF-Test version 5.4
QF-Test Version 5.4

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QF-Test Roadmap 5.3
QF-Test Version 5.3

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QF-Test Roadmap 5.2
QF-Test Version 5.2

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QF-Test Roadmap 5.1
QF-Test Version 5.1

Download 5.1.2...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.0
QF-Test Version 5.0

Download 5.0.3...

Older versions

If you need an older QF-Test production version, please contact us via phone +49 8171 38648-0 or email to