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Using the Debugger (Java)

In this chapter we will learn how to run a test suite with QF-Test's built-in and intuitive debugger. If you are familiar with debugging from other IDEs like Eclipse, you will find this debugger similar in function and usefulness.

Video This chapter is also available as a video tutorial at "Using the Debugger".

By the end of this chapter you will be familiar with the following debugger functionality:

NoteInstead of the debugger buttons you can also enter the commands via the QF-Test menu and most by keyboard shortcuts as well. You'll find the shortcut listed beside the menu option, if available. For a complete list, refer to the Keyboard shortcuts section of the user manual. You can also find a little helper there for attaching to your keyboard which shows the function key assignment of QF-Test.

There are some more functions related to the debugger that we will come to in later chapters:

  • Locating the current node using the debugger button Locate Current Node (Locate the current node in chapter section 6.3).
  • "Continue execution from here" via the popup menu of the respective node (figure 6.9).
  • Rethrowing exceptions using the toolbar button Rethrow exception.
  • The variable bindings table (section 6.3).

Setting a Breakpoint

Stepping Through a Test or Sequence

Skipping Execution of Nodes

Error or Exception triggering Debugging Mode

Resolving Errors directly from the Run log

Pause Execution