Over time we are going to upload videos for every chapter of the tutorial which will lead you step by step through QF-Test.

Running the whole Test-suite

Finally let's execute our newly created suite:

  • ActionTerminate the SUT client in case it is running.
  • Select the root node of the test-suite.
  • Run it by pressing "Replay" Play or typing [Return].

The SUT is expected to appear, the test-case will be executed and finally the SUT will be terminated.

We know the test-run details can be looked up in the run-log.

  • ActionIt can be opened by clicking the Open last run-log toolbar button or via the »Run«-»1. ...« menu option with its short-cut [Ctrl-L]
Figure 11.14:   The Run-Log of the Test-suite

In the first tutorial chapter we've already learned how to use the run-log for error analysis.