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Creating the Setup Sequence

To begin, you need to launch the application from qftest. There is a Quickstart Wizard to help you in creating the respective setup sequence.

  • ActionOpen a new test suite via the menu item »File« »New test suite...«.
  • To open the Quickstart Wizard please use the »Extras«-»Quickstart Wizard...« menu.

The Wizard starts up with a welcome message and some further information.

  • ActionAfter saying a short hello please press the Next button to begin.
Figure 11.1:  The Quickstart Wizard

In step two you can choose the type of application to be tested.

  • ActionPlease select the second option A web application in a browser.
  • Press Next.
Figure 11.2:  Type of Application

In step three you are asked for the URL of the web page to be tested.

Typically a http based URL is given here, but we will use the local CarConfig webdemo.

  • ActionPress the Open file toolbar button to bring up the file open dialog
  • Navigate to the directory .../qftest-7.1.4/demo/carconfigWeb/html from your QF-Test installation
  • There select the file CarConfig.htm.
  • Conclude the file selection.

Note In the figure below we used the QF-Test variable ${qftest:dir.version} to address the version specific directory of the QF-Test installation, which you have already come across in the previous chapter. (Details on special QF-Test variables can be found in the manual chapter Variables).

Figure 11.3:  Specification of the URL.
  • Press the Finish button, as we do not need to go to the further optional steps for our simple demo.

Note Concerning the browser to be used for testing this means the wizard default will be selected (Chrome on Windows and macOS, Firefox on Linux). Just in case this is not possible for any reason, please checkout the optional next wizard steps to select a different browser.

We directly reach the final summary that explains what will happen after closing the wizard and how to continue.

  • Action Please press Finish in order to end the wizard.
Figure 11.4:  Final Information

The generated setup sequence Launch CarConfig_en appears in the "Extras" section of your test suite and looks equivalent to the one we already know for the last chapter (section 10.2).

Figure 11.5:  Generated Setup Sequence

Now we want to see some action:

  • ActionPlease ensure the Setup: Launch CarConfig_en node is selected.
  • Then clickPlay or simply hit "Enter" [Return].

You should see the browser appear on your screen soon. First it shows a page that redirects you to the CarConfig demo. As the focus changes back to QF-Test after the execution, the browser might get covered by the test suite window.

Figure 11.6:  The "CarConfigurator Web" demo page in the browser

At the end of this section let's save our test suite.

  • Action Press the Save           file toolbar button or use the »File«-»Save« menu option with its short-cut [Ctrl-S].
  • In the file explorer navigate to an appropriate directory where you have write access e.g. Documents in your user home directory.
  • Provide a name e.g. MyFirstTests.qft.
  • Finish the saving action by pressing on Save.