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Second Test case - with Error

The second test case will show us what happens when an error occurs during test execution.

  • ActionExpand the test case "Second (with Error)".
Figure 10.9:  The Second Test case

Apart from the third test step it is identical to the first test case. So what does this one do?

Test step: Grant 10% discount - Writes the value 10 into the discount field.

The 'Input' node is another basic action node and can be created directly via the QF-Test recording function.

  • ActionExpand the Test step: Grant 10% Discount.
Figure 10.10:  Details of the second Test case

Let's execute the second test case:

  • ActionSelect the node Test case: "Second (with Error)".
  • Click the replay button Play.

This time a dialog shows up telling us that an error occurred.

Figure 10.11:  Error in the second test case

What happened? To find out we'll open the QF-Test run log for error analysis.

An alternative approach for error analysis would be to execute the test case again using the debugger. This will be explained in chapter Using the Debugger (Web).