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QF-Test 7.0 Roadmap
QF-Test Version 7.0

QF-Test 7.0 is our latest and greatest version of QF-Test.
Historically, big updates to QF-Test brought support for new GUI technologies. This time, however, the focus is on the experience of using QF-Test itself...

QF-Test Version 6.0
QF-Test Version 6.0

The main headline is support for testing Android applications. The familiar features and concepts of QF-Test can be applied to creating tests for Android applications on virtual and real devices with ease and efficiency...

QF-Test Version 5.4
QF-Test Version 5.4

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.4 adds support for testing applications based on Java 18, the embedded Chrome browser for QF-Driver has been updated to CEF version 95 and Eclipse/SWT 4.22 alias "2021-12" is now supported...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.3
QF-Test Version 5.3

With the newly added browser connection mode CDP-Driver (Chrome DevTools Protocol) this medium upgrade is a real game-changer for web test automation with QF-Test...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.2
QF-Test Version 5.2

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.2 focuses on integrated testing of Java desktop applications that are displayed in a browser using the technologies Webswing or JPro...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.1
QF-Test Version 5.1

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.1 focuses on bringing support for embedded browsers - JxBrowser (including version 7), SWT Browser and JavaFX WebView, up to par with that for "normal" browsers...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.0
QF-Test Version 5.0

It's time to move on: QF-Test 5.0 is a major step forward - not just with its new look and support for native Windows applications, but also with other enhancements that make automated testing more convenient and reliable...

Roadmap QF-Test Outlook

Starting with version 6.0, preview features will be included in the releases. These are features that are already very advanced in development, but are not yet available in the final QF-Test quality and that you may try.

Outlook for 2023

  • QF-Test with Java 17 as technical foundation

  • Refreshed QF-Test UI including a "dark mode"

  • SmartID as a fully mature way of component recognition

  • Easier CustomWebResolver configuration thanks to a new user interface

  • UI Inspector: A new interface for inspecting components to aid with CWR configuration and SmartID

  • New nodes for logging messages, warnings and errors

  • Configurable script templates

  • New toolkit resolvers: Fluent UI & Vaadin 14

  • Improved algorithm for finding component labels

  • Better rendering of QF-Test on scaled displays

  • Robot Framework: Use QF-Test procedures as dynamic keywords

QF-Test is always improving

  • Continuous upgrades and enhancements to existing features
  • Adaptation to new technologies (new browsers, web toolkits, look & feel, usability, keyword-driven and behavior-driven testing, etc.)

QF-Test history: UI testing since 1999

QF-Test roadmap Desktop EN
QF-Test roadmap Mobile EN

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