QF-Test Release Overview

QF-Test Version 5.4
QF-Test Version 5.4

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.4 adds support for testing applications based on Java 18, the embedded Chrome browser for QF-Driver has been updated to CEF version 95 and Eclipse/SWT 4.22 alias "2021-12" is now supported...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.3
QF-Test Version 5.3

With the newly added browser connection mode CDP-Driver (Chrome DevTools Protocol) this medium upgrade is a real game-changer for web test automation with QF-Test...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.2
QF-Test Version 5.2

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.2 focuses on integrated testing of Java desktop applications that are displayed in a browser using the technologies Webswing or JPro...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.1
QF-Test Version 5.1

The medium upgrade QF-Test 5.1 focuses on bringing support for embedded browsers - JxBrowser (including version 7), SWT Browser and JavaFX WebView, up to par with that for "normal" browsers...

QF-Test Roadmap 5.0
QF-Test Version 5.0

It's time to move on: QF-Test 5.0 is a major step forward - not just with its new look and support for native Windows applications, but also with other enhancements that make automated testing more convenient and reliable...

QF-Test Roadmap 4.7
QF-Test Version 4.7

This medium upgrade comes with support for Java 13, OpenWebStart, Electron 6 and Opera 62...

QF-Test Roadmap 4.6
QF-Test Version 4.6

Hightlights of this release: Support for Opera browser, Support for new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium, Support for SWT 4.12 alias 2019-06...

QF-Test Roadmap 4.5
QF-Test Version 4.5

Highlights of this medium upgrade include testing of Electron applications, support for Java 12, configuration of mobile browser emulation directly in the Quickstart Wizard and Eclipse/SWT applications without instrumentation.

Roadmap QF-Test Outlook

Outlook for 2022

  • Android Testing - test native mobile apps in emulators or real devices (mobile web apps can currently already be tested using Mobile Browser Emulation mode).

  • Robot Framework - using QF-Test procedures dynamically as keywords

  • Smart IDs - simplified test creation and component addressing.

  • WinUI 3 with Fluent UI

  • Fluent UI on the Web

  • Simplification of the creation of a CustomWebResolver

  • Full support of tests on scaled monitors

  • More beautiful display of QF-Test on scaled monitors

  • QF-Test on technical base of Java 17

We are perpetually developing:

  • Continuous upgrades and enhancements to existing features
  • Adaptation to new technologies (additional browsers, web toolkits, look & feel, usability, keyword-driven and behavior-driven testing, etc.)

QF-Test history: UI testing since 1999

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QF-Test roadmap Mobile EN