Over time we are going to upload videos for every chapter of the tutorial which will lead you step by step through QF-Test.

Stepping Through a Test or Sequence

Now let's step through the test-case we set up in the previous section.

  • Action Please try out the debugger buttons Single step Step-In , Step over Step-Over and Step out Step-Out.

You will find that Single step Step-In opens a node containing child nodes and makes the first child node the active node. Continuing from where we left the test-suite at the end of the last section, i.e. in debugging mode, with 'Test-case: First' being the current node, the test-suite would now look like this:

Step in
Figure 14.4:  Stepping into a node

In the case of leaf nodes (nodes without child nodes), the effect of Step-In is the same as the following button's.

Step over Step-Over runs the current node including all children. Execution pauses at the next node of the same level to be executed, which then becomes the active one.

Step over
Figure 14.5:  Stepping over a node

Step out Step-Out runs the remaining nodes at the same level including their child nodes. Execution pauses when a node that is higher in the hierarchical structure is found, which then becomes the active one.

Step out
Figure 14.6:  Stepping out of a node

In the given example the node higher in the hierarchical structure where execution stops is the 'Cleanup' node. As explained in the chapter A full Test Run this shows the special behavior of Setup / Cleanup nodes in a test-set: They are executed before and after each test-case to help achieving a proper starting state for each test-case.

Note You will only find this behavior when you started the whole test-suite or test-set and are in debugging mode. If you just selected the test-case and did a step-over action then QF-Test will execute the test-case and then select the next test-case node.

  • Action Run the 'Cleanup' and 'Setup' nodes by stepping over them, using the debugger button Step over Step-Over and then Step in the second test-case via Step-In to get ready for the next section where you will learn about the skip functionality.

Note Please be aware that menus or comboboxes tend to close when the application looses the focus, as will happen when activating the debugging mode. In such a case you should not stop test execution between the node opening the menu or combobox and the node performing the selection. One way to do achieve this is to set a break point Continue after the node performing the selection and to activate normal test execution by releasing the pause button Continue when you reach the node opening the menu or combobox.