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PDF testing is an integral part of QF-Test and is not tied to any particular GUI technology.

What is possible in PDF Testing?

Often PDF documents are the final result of a business process, you can test this comfortably with QF-Test.

  • Check of content, text, images/graphical objects
  • Comparation of two PDF documents
  • Verifying layouts and making sure that no content is outside the visible area
  • Access "invisible" or partially hidden objects

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How does PDF Testing work with QF-Test?

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Our approach on Testing PDFs

  • Just like with the other GUIs, QF-Test can test PDFs by detecting individual objects.
  • The properties of the objects can be tested, such as font, font size, images, geometry and position.
  • You can use the full functionality of QF-Test - record, replay, checks, scripting, resolvers, etc.

Further information in the manual

Image comparison with QF-Test

Image comparisons as a helpful feature for PDF testing

"We use QF-Test to verify our generated monthly statements in PDF format. We can easily verify the information on each PDF page. The check image feature makes it easy to verify our client’s company logo, and the check text works well in both English and Japanese. We also like the feature that a screenshot is taken when a test failed."

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Riana Subroto, Automation Engineer

Energy Services Group (ESG), Norwell, USA

"We are now testing different processes, such as interfaces, document creation and posting while taking various master data into account, or printing invoices with a subsequent check of the generated PDF file. Works great!"

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Leonhard Zentgraf

CSS AG, Künzell, Germany

The ability to test PDF documents with QF-Test, even multi-page ones that contain text, logos, signatures, etc. and are generated dynamically, allows us to check the documents immediately per release (without further loss of visibility). If even a single pixel was different than expected, we would know immediately. Then the question is whether it is an error or a change in the business or in IT (but that is another topic).

Mengoli, Marco (Test Management | Produkt Standardgeschäft P&C)

AXA Versicherungen AG, Switzerland

"The PDF client is ideal to verify any dynamic text-content generation and the region picture recognition is amazing to check positioning and image/logo building. QF-Test is great for PDF testing!"

Raphaël Rothenflug, Team Leader Software Test Automation, Quality Assurance

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.