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PDF testing is an integral part of QF-Test and is not tied to any particular GUI technology.

What is possible in PDF Testing?

Often PDF documents are the final result of a business process, you can test this comfortably with QF-Test.

  • Check of content, text, images/graphical objects
  • Comparation of two PDF documents
  • Verifying layouts and making sure that no content is outside the visible area
  • Access "invisible" or partially hidden objects

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How does "PDF Testing" work with QF-Test?

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Our approach on Testing PDFs

  • Just like with the other GUIs, QF-Test can test PDFs by detecting individual objects.
  • The properties of the objects can be tested, such as font, font size, images, geometry and position.
  • You can use the full functionality of QF-Test - record, replay, checks, scripting, resolvers, etc.

Further information in the manual

"We are now testing different processes, such as interfaces, document creation and posting while taking various master data into account, or printing invoices with a subsequent check of the generated PDF file. Works great!"

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Leonhard Zentgraf

CSS AG, Künzell, Germany