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Starting the Application

Our first step is to examine the "Setup" node:

  • ActionExpand the Setup: Start Demo node now.
Figure 1.3:  The Setup Node

In the "Setup" node you'll see two child nodes:

  1. Set variable - set the variable 'client' to the connection name for the SUT, which will be needed for every action replayed to the application.
  2. Sequence: Start client if necessary dependent on OS - starts the System Under Test (SUT) for the respective operating system in case it is not already running.

Let's also have a brief look inside the Sequence: Start client if necessary and dependent on OS:

Figure 1.4:  The Sequence to start the SUT

QF-Test allows you to test applications on Microsoft Windows, macOS as well as on Unix systems. The test suite described in the tutorial can be replayed on any of them. The only node where we need to differentiate between the operating systems is the startup of the application. This is done by means of an If - Else structure running a .bat file on Windows, respectively a .sh file otherwise (on macOS or Linux).

The Start SUT client node starts the application (SUT) and sets up a link between qftest and the SUT. In order to be independent of the actual installation we use a relative path, starting from the QF-Test version directory, contained in the QF-Test variable ${qftest:dir.version} (see manual chapter Variables).

Please also note that the application is only started in case the client has not yet been connected.

At this point, we're ready to actually start the SUT:

  • ActionClick on the SetupSetup: Start Demo" so it is selected and still expanded (the child nodes stay visible).
  • Click the PlayStart test run toolbar button. This button causes the selected node to be executed.

During execution QF-Test marks the active step by use of an arrow pointer ->.

When the setup sequence is completed, our demo application "CarConfigurator" is going to appear on the screen. As QF-Test gets back the focus after the replay action, thus being raised to the foreground, the demo application might be hiding behind it.

Figure 1.5:  The CarConfigurator Demo