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A full Test Run

After we have seen how the single elements of the test-set work, let us have a look at the functionality provided by the test-set node.

  • ActionFirst, close the browser window with the CarConfigurator demo in case it is still running.
  • Then select the "Test-set: Simple Tests" node.
  • Execute it with the replay button Play.

The result dialog will come up after test execution, informing us about the error caused by the second test-case.

  • ActionOpen up the run-log again by Open latest run-log to take a closer look:
Figure 10.16:  Run-Log for the Completed Test-set

This shows the special behavior of Setup / Cleanup nodes in a test-set: They are executed before and after each test-case to help achieving a proper starting state for each test-case.

Note Stopping the SUT after each test-case is not the smartest way to ensure a clean state. There are more elegant ways for setup and clean-up that will be explained with the advanced features in this tutorial (chapter 29).