Airbus Defence and Space uses the GUI test tool QF‑Test for daily automated regression testing. The "System under Test" is an application software ("SW") used to process image, video and motion information in military environments. to the case study of Airbus

Amadeus offers transaction execution in the global tourism industry. Since 2005 Amadeus utilizes QF-Test (in several countries) to improve the quality of its IT solutions for leading tourism and travel organizations. 
to the case study of Amadeus

At B + S Bankensysteme, critical banking software was migrated from Java Swing to the web via WebSwing. All existing tests from QFS could simply be reused. to the case study of B+S Bankensysteme

Centris AG is a service provider for Swiss health and accident insurances and supports them implementing new IT solutions. They migrated QF‑Test from Java Swing to JavaFX without greater difficulties and with the assistance of the QFS support. 
to the case study of Centris AG

The company CertiCon, that is offering B2B services and solutions in software development and quality-assurance by testing, could reduce the test processing time by nearly 50%. 
to the case study of CertiCon

CoreMedia as producer of people-centric social software works with QF-Test because it is important that all team members like working with the test automation tool. That's the case because QF-Test's programming language is Java. 
to the case study of CoreMedia

CSS AG is testing its business software eGECKO with QF‑Test, it is modular based for the different economic processes. For example the accounting module has been automated first. When there are new versions the changeover of the tests is very easy. to the case study of CSS AG

QF-Test is in use in the austrian IT-consulting and software project company eMundo for an ERP-application with lots of input masks. The basis of the application is Swing and several GUI libraries enlarge it. to the case study of eMundo

Experian is the world's leading global information services company. They migrated a Java Swing client into a web application with Webswing and test this with QF-Test. to the detailed case study of Experian

Fiducia an IT service provider in the banking industry is made the switchover from another tool to QF-Test. So tests are also possible under Linux and for JX-Browser-components. to the case study of Fiducia & GAD IT AG

HPV has replaced Selenium due to too high maitenance effort by QF-Test. Actually portal applications and the inventory management system are tested with QF‑Test. to the case study of HPV

For the generation of automated tests for HP / HP OpenView Software HP decided on QF-Test, especially because it can execute tests on other platforms: These tests are robust, low-maintenance and the cheapest in price. 
to the case study of HP / Daemons Point

Innovas uses QF-Test for daily GUI regression tests of its Software KOLUMBUS (examination and management of hospital cases, is used by over 100 cost bearers) since the beginning of 2015). Technology, support and training have persuaded innovas. to the case study of innovas

Janitza concentrates on the development and production of high-end measuring devices with a special GridVis®-Software and an extensive service offer.  to the case study of Janitza

ÖBV is using QF-Test to manage short release cylces and to guarantee the quality of its assurance software. Here the keyword driven testing approach was chosen. to the case study of ÖBV

QF-Test assists Planon - a successful IT-company that provides software and consulting - in daily regression test of its Java Swing clients. to the case study of Planon

pds GmbH offers an ERP solution that maps processes for companies in the main construction and ancillary construction trades by means of app and web add-ons. QF-Test ensures that the quality of the software is right. A seamless transition was created between the testing of the Java software and the testing of the Flutter website. to the case study of pds GmbH

remoso GmbH is a leading provider of ERP software solutions for mobility. By using QF-Test, the company was able to save a lot of time previously spent on manual testing. to the case study of remoso GmbH

The Social service agency in California developed a new use case for QF-Test: Instead of the original functional idea of QF-Test - the validation of an application, they are using the tool for real data entry. to the case study of Santa Clara County

When automating the execution of test cases, Scheidt & Bachmann has been using the test tool QF-Test for several years already, as it is ideally suited for testing Java GUI applications.
to the case study of Scheidt & Bachmann


At Siemens Corporate Technology of the large engeneering company QF‑Test was evaluated by 37 criteria and won through. For example component recognition, support of data driven testing and drag&drop operations were among the criteria. to the case study of Siemens

SIV.AG is using QF-Test sucessfully. This is QF‑Test within the kVASy® interface. This leads to great time and resource savings in comparison to manual testing. to the case study of SIV.AG

Swiss Life utilizes QF-Test since 2012 for daily  GUI-regression tests of its insurance quote system EVApro. Especially the generic (keyword-driven) approach (Specialty department defines test cases in Excel which are transacted by QF-Test) and the switching from RAP1 to RAP2 was easy to accomplish. to the case study of Swiss Life

Systema GmbH develops extensions for the SAP Manufacturing System for a customer. These individual plugins are tested directly in QF-Test.
to the case study of Systema GmbH

Thales Australia

At Thales Australia automated testing was analysed regarding to return on investment. QF‑Test is used there for almost all non-regression-tests and the time that is saved by QF‑test, other tasks can be done. The big gain is software quality and consistency.
to the case study of Thales Australia

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)