Santa Clara County has a population of just under 2 million and a budget of over $ 5 billion which makes it the fourth largest county in California. We are the heart of Silicon Valley and innovation is in our DNA. At the Social Services Agency, we work with the needy citizens of our community to provide care, safety, assistance and employment avenues.

We looked for innovative ways to reduce the drudgery and expense of repetitive interactions with applications that we use but do not own and hence cannot modify to adapt to unique needs.

QF-Test at SCC, Social Service Agency

A different usage of QF-Test: entering real data

We discovered QF-Test offers a great solution for that. We turned over the paradigm – instead of just using QF-Test to validate applications, we use it to actually enter real data and manipulate the applications for live results.

For us, QF-Test offers these advantages:

  • Automation: It excels in automation, which can be adapted and executed totally reliably and
  • Reusable Scripts: Test scripts can be generalized and behavior of the script can be driven based on the data
  • Fantastic support : in order to interact with some fairly old applications, special resolvers and code had to be written. QFS helped overcome each and every obstacle and on the same day.
  • Productivity : Automating via QFS has reduced the burden on staff as well as reduced errors and thus improving our service to our citizens.

We absolutely recommend QFS as a company and QF-Test as a product.