About Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung

Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung eG (HPV) offers an extensive pension service. It advises its members in the area of company pension and creates new pensions plans and reports for balance and forecasts. HPV administrates for its member companies entitlements and pensions and also whole pension and provident funds. HBV oversees half a million pension promises assets of more than seven billion Euros.

About Selenium

About 10 years ago we used Selenium for testing our portal applications. The following advantages and disadvantages rested in mind:

Advantages: It was possible to record and replay tests via capture-replay and without scripting. Also complicated scenarios were testable. Tests could be copied and via editing new data sets could be included. In case of small adjustments within the program sequence, we could add the new partial sequences via clever copy/paste to our existing test.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately you can only repeat the tests with the same set of test data that was used for the recording. Generally die tests had to be recorded again. We had performance problems during test execution. We could only run the tests in slow mode (The question remained open whether this was depending on our infrastructure or our own application). After two mayor versions we abandoned Selenium due to this high maintenance effort.

About QF-Test

In 2010 one of our colleagues mentioned QF-Test. We then could test our portal applications comfortably. We test also our Java basted inventory management system with QF-Test. Since then we can also execute consistent tests between the inventory management system and the portal applications. Actually we are considering applying QF-Test also for our via typo3 updated website.


Editor and contact person: Attila Enez, Tester
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(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)