About Epikur

Since 1999, we at Epikur Software have seen it as our task to make the work of psychotherapists and doctors easier. With our practice management system EPIKUR, we support individual and group practices, MVZs, psychotherapeutic training institutes and research outpatient clinics in the organization of their daily processes: We optimize appointment allocation, speed up documentation and improve digital communication between practitioners and patients. We also take care of IT security and the seamless connection to the telematics infrastructure.


Our practice management system is based on Java with AWT, Swing and JavaFX for the GUI and is designed for use in Windows, macOS and Linux. As a result, there is a need for test software that can map all these aspects at once.

During extensive research, various other products were compared. The criteria were

  • Price
  • Platform compatibility for Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Self-hosting or cloud-only
  • performance
  • support
  • Usability
  • Integration and version control (Git)
  • Programming skills necessary?

QF-Test was able to assert itself particularly in the aspect of platform compatibility and the question of the necessity of programming skills


We use QF-Test to map regression tests for the release testing of program updates. Not all manual tests are fully automated yet, but it is already foreseeable that the potential time savings in manual testing will be significant, which in turn will free up time for other types of testing.

For example, there is a use case that takes around ten minutes per operating system and product variant when tested manually and is executed after each build. This now no longer needs to be executed manually and only takes three minutes. However, as we have to run the same test case in two different product variants on three different operating systems, we have to use a different test case. Product variants on three different operating systems. Since we would have to test the same test case in two different product variants on three different operating systems, but have not been able to do so so far due to time constraints, the automation also enables us to cover the test cases that have not yet been carried out regularly in other product variants and operating systems, while also saving a lot of time.

One challenge in the implementation of our tests with QF-Test is the stability with regard to the retrieval of the display elements, which could be largely solved for the time being by changing the standard waiting times or by assigning additional, dedicated waiting times.

We use gitlab pipelines as test infrastructure, which execute the corresponding regression tests via chronologically triggered schedules. These gitlab pipelines are part of a release testing process that recurs two to three times a week. Due to the fact that we have to test the same test case in two different product variants as well as three different operating systems, even a small number of test cases results in an enormous number (approx. 120) of automatically executed test cases. We currently run these test cases at night after the program build and can evaluate the test results in the morning. This usually takes around five to six hours.

Since QF-Test allows a batch call, i.e. without the need to start from the editor mode, other integrations of the tests are also conceivable, especially in real test management systems. 

Philipp Strauß, Epikur Software GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany

Test QF-Test now

QF-Test is an indispensable tool for quality assurance when publishing software products in the medical sector. With its extensive test automation functionality, QF-Test ensures that your software works reliably and error-free, which is of utmost importance in the healthcare sector.

The software provides robust testing solutions for GUI applications, enabling precise verification of the user interface and underlying functions. This leads to higher software quality, reduces the risk of errors and improves patient safety. QF-Test also speeds up the testing process and reduces costs by automating repeatable tests and increasing the efficiency of your development team. Rely on QF-Test to ensure that your medical software meets the highest quality standards and runs smoothly.