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Since 1990, innovas GmbH develops individual and standard software solutions with high customer satisfaction and advises customers organizationally, technically and in concrete project environment. We understand that innovation as an envisaged long-term process requiring foresight and clarity in sensitive insurance environment. Therefore, our business model is based essentially on the integration of technology and professionalism which steadily is merging in an increasingly complex business environment. Our depth of services ranges from the design and restructuring of complete administration systems to medical accounting control up to the support of new approaches to care management.

QF-Test at innovas:
Management of hospital cases

The standard software KOLUMBUS serves for examination and management of hospital cases and is used by over 100 cost bearers. The examination is performed according to formal and medical-content criteria.

We use QF-Test since the beginning of 2015 for daily GUI regression testing of our software KOLUMBUS DRG. The employees in the Automation Team are belonging representatives both from the Test Center as well as the Product Development.

For us, the use of QF-Test has especially the following advantages:

  • Intuitive ergonomics
  • Readable HTML reports
  • Java infrastructure
  • Easy integration into our infrastructure
  • Continuous Delivery: nocturnal install and run of automated suites
  • Implicit test of DB scripts and installation
  • Quick expansion in adapted versions via properties files
  • Creation of a Component Library
  • Expandability through custom scripts and libraries
  • Integration MS-Excel for test data management
  • Detection of manually not traceable problems (e.g. in the area of the Java event handler)
  • Automatic start of batches
  • FTP Upload
  • Integration of Web services
  • XML schema validation
  • Edifact generation
  • Quick and good support (solution always at the next day)

Also your great training, which was rated very positively by all employees, must be mentioned with praise.

So in total we are very satisfied and looking forward to more automation projects with QF-Test.


Author: Jörg Riebschläger, Test responsible KOLUMBUS

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