About Planon

Planon provides software and consultancy services to enable companies to manage their facilities and real estate assets efficiently and intelligently. A steady growth has made Planon one of the most successful and fastest growing IT companies in the world. We are recognized as the number one provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems in Europe. We believe that superior technologies is one of the key ingredients for building an even stronger international market leadership.

QF-Test at Planon:
daily regression tests of the Java swing client

What is QF-Test's role in our software development process? We use the Agile method to design, build and test all our software products. This method is characterized among others by daily communication between all involved disciplines (product owners, designers, developers, testers, technical writers) and short monthly iterations. The main goal of each iteration is to deliver compilable software. QF-Test plays an important role in our daily regression tests of the Java Swing client. Every morning QF-Test presents us its latest results of the code that was compiled the evening before. 

QF-Test is highly appreciated because of the following features:

  • The tool is very powerful in its recognition of components, making the tool suitable for regression testing of applications under development.
  • Minimal maintenance needed to update tests to handle changes in the client interface.
  • Test scripts are easy to execute and replay is fast.
  • QF-Test offers good test management features, which allowed us to have a well structured and documented set of test ware.
  • Log files are clear and complete, making analysis of results an easy job.
  • The ability to extend the tool with Jython.
  • The tool is very easy to learn by new testers.
  • Good, fast and competent support.

In short, QF-Test is a powerful automated testing tool and plays an important role in our method to create high quality software.

René Hegeman, Technical Test Engineer,  Planon B.V., Nijmegen, Netherlands