About pds GmbH

pds GmbH has been developing programs for the main and ancillary construction industry since 1974. With the pds software, it offers an ERP solution that maps all processes for companies from start-ups to established corporations through additions via app and web.

The way to QF-Test

At the beginning of the millennium, pds began developing the Java-based pds software and planning future quality assurance. At the time, the company was known for its slogan "Quality in software", which was also to be a high priority for the new generation of software. Tests on the code were already standard at the time, while the user interface still had to be tested manually. With an ever-increasing number of components, the search for a more efficient solution began.

As a result, many programs were tested in 2007. QF-Test was one of the solutions tested, and this program was an immediate success. Testing could be started immediately and without a lot of settings or prior knowledge. All you had to do was enter the path to the software, then record, play and stop, just like a cassette recorder (which almost everyone knew back then). There are also many expansion options for integrating scripts and other calls as well as options for fulfilling special software requirements.

A whole department

After the order was placed, a full-time position for test automation was created very soon, the first scenarios were recorded and an internal administration for daily software installation and test execution was set up. The simple maintenance, evaluation and re-recording of tests in QF-Test have proven their worth.

More tests, requirements and results led to a second and now third position in the company. Around 180 tests are now run daily, providing valuable and timely results and freeing up manual testers for other tasks.

Current projects

This year, the pds quality assurance team has set itself the goal of starting to automate the testing of the web apps. First of all, a test license was requested from QFS in order to check functionality and compatibility. This gave us the opportunity to clarify minor teething problems and unanswered questions before the acquisition in a well-functioning exchange with QFS.

The result was an initial test scenario that completely convinced everyone involved. Our development team was particularly impressed by the seamless transition between testing the Java software and testing the Flutter website. The full license for the web engine is now in active operation and an extension to include Android compatibility is being planned internally.


QF-Test of QFS convinced us:

  • Quick access to the tests
  • Good communication with QFS
  • Intuitive operation of the software
  • Good documentation with useful examples: find the right one super fast, directly on the web or as a pdf in the software
  • Workshops that still have an effectiveness-enhancing effect even after many years of using QF-Test

Many thanks to the QFS team for the good cooperation so far. We look forward to the future together.

Jo Meyer, pds GmbH, Rotenburg, Germany