QF-Test at eMundo

We have been using QF-Test in our company for a long period for testing an ERP-application with several hundred input masks. It is based on a Swing surface and was enlarged by diverse GUI libraries: Jide, JGoodies, etc. We are very happy with the functionality of QF-Test for testing an extensive application.

The support of multiple GUI elements, also of complex elements like tables, trees etc. is very good. For requirements that go beyond this QF-Test is offering the opportunity of extending the functionality individually by diverse interfaces (using Groovy and Jython as scripting language). These extensions integrate easily in the clear and well-conceived control concept of QF-Test.

QF-Test is robust, also local test runs aren’t disrupted by working at the same time. For the integration into a CI system, in our case Jenkins is used, QF-Test can be executed in batch mode.

QF-Test has an extensive documentation, questions are answered fast by the competent and very attentive support team!

Gerhard Katstaller, eMundo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)