Highlights QF-Test Version 6.0

  • Testing Android applications
  • SmartIDs for component recognition
  • Java17, Groovy 4, more modern HTML reports
  • Run-log with relative execution time and optimized screenshots
  • Connection to the Robot-Framework

How does Android testing work with QF-Test?

Testing on real devices and emulators

You can test native Android apps, mobile web apps, and hybrid apps on Android 7 and higher:

  • on real devices e.g. from Samsung, LG and Google
  • with the Emulator from Android Studio

Create your tests on one device and reuse them reliably across different screen sizes and resolutions.

Touch on device
Real user simulation

Simulate real user interactions and run your tests on real devices to get the most realistic tests possible:

  • Swiping
  • Change device orientation
  • Validation
  • Touch
Simple test creation
Convenient and efficient test creation in the usual QF-Test manner

You can use the full functionality of QF-Test analog to the other GUI technologies.

  • Connection of QF-Test to your SUT and QF-Test automatically recognizes the underlying technology, in this case Android

  • Direct recording of test sequences and checks via a special recording window

  • Playback of tests in interactive or batch mode with detailed protocols and reports

  • Structured test sequences via drag & drop, reuse in procedures

  • Stable test cases due to robust component recognition

A special recording window in QF-Test allows flexible recording of actions and checks independent of the use of emulators or real devices.
Detailed logs contain all the necessary information for efficient test run analysis, including talking error messages and images of the device display at the time of the error.
The Quick Start Wizard allows you to create an Android startup sequence with just a few clicks.
The generated setup sequence for an Android app is structured, traceable and customizable at any time. After execution, QF-Test is connected to the system and ready for use.
By using Android emulators, automated tests can be flexibly executed on different Android versions.

"So far, in addition to the usual capture and replay, I have been particularly convinced by the possibility of programming a test machine with reusable procedures and the integrated script language Jython. The next quantum leap - the introduction of generic components and the matching CustomResolver - with the associated very good component recognition and maintainability when changing the SUT has noticeably facilitated the work and accelerated the creation of new test automata. The support of Android in cooperation with the Android Emulator fits in seamlessly and now also allows the efficient creation of tests for mobile devices. This all is topped by an excellent and fast support."

Michael Popp

MÜNCHENER VEREIN Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, München

"Having used QF-Test for many years, we were excited to learn that we could add our mobile solution to the QF-Test suite.
We are still in the process of building the mobile suite, but in a short time we have been able to achieve great coverage due to the familiarity of QF-Test and competent support which is secund to none.
We have tried other tools, but this is the first where we have not had to tweak UI animations on the Android devices to fulfil our requirements for robustness."

Michael Eriksen, Senior Test Automation Specialist

Systematic, Denmark

Testing Android with QF-Test

Do you also want to test your Android applications automatically?

Then use QF-Test for quality assurance of your Android apps!

Just contact us via phone + 49 8171 38648-10 or via service@remove-this.qfs.de that we can make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.