About Centris AG

Centris AG is a service provider for Swiss health and accident insurances and supports them implementing new IT solutions. The software Syrius used at Centris AG is a Java application and is being migrated to JavaFX.

Initial situation: Swing – Setup / structure

The Centris AG QF-Test test framework is designed that every (specialist-) logical test procedure of an application can be mapped easily in a data driver. Thanks to a freely selectable distribution of the source data insertion in a navigation and/or data insertion section. The process logic with the appropriate insert values, written in Excel tables (data driver) correspond 1:1 the GUI design respectively naming of the components within the application.

The prerequisities are:

  • Implementation of generic components for every relevant class (about 30: from genericTextField to genericMultiChoiceComboBox up to genericList).
  • Implementation of name resolvers to determine unique and GUI appropriate component names for test fields, check boxes etc.

Swing to JavaFX migration

The central tasks for porting from Swing to FX was:

  • Adaption/Extension of existing components and implementation of new generic components
  • New name resolver for JavaFX for naming the components to be accessed and the realization of component recognition.


The adaption expenses of this transfer were relatively low. There were just a few changes within the basic structure, except the migration of certain limited Jython/Groovy scripts (utilities) to JavaFX. We could implement the resolver relatively smoothly with only a few challenges which we overcame with the assist of QFS, e.g. the subsequent integration of the missing “imagehashes” in the extra features.


The migration (of about 80% so far) has been lasting about one “man-month”. The finetuning e.g. of timing is a permanent tasks.

The last 20% are being migrated permanently and we feel confident with our gained experience not facing greater difficulties or something unexpected.

The so far rather easy migration confirmed the test concept of Centris AG and the selection of the proper test automation tool.

This is the reason why we are very optimistic that we will soon conclude this migration also with the very competent, fast and friendly support of QFS and skip to maintenance mode.


Java 9… we’ll be surprised ;-)

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)