This page contains evaluation and customer reports kindly provided by interested parties. Please note that these are individual assessments, that software products are subject to change during passing time and that each report refers to a particular application.

CourseVerification and Validation of Software, Student's feedback on QF-Test of Prof. José CamposDecember 2022variousUniversity of Lisbon, Portugal
CourseVerification and Validation of Software, Student's feedback on QF-Test of Prof. José CamposApril 2021variousUniversity of Lisbon, Portugal
Seminar paperWhy do my automated GUI tests break?July 2020Leonard HusmannFaculty of Computer Science, Technische Universität München, Germany
Project ThesisQF-Test Evaluation of a GUI testtool (German PDF only)July 2017Sebastian KühlewindCarl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany
Master's ThesisEnhancing the Effectiveness of Software Test AutomationDecember 2015David Wayne JansingDepartment of Computer and Information Sciences, State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, Utica, New York, USA
Bachelor's ThesisDesign and Implementation of test automation of interface tests between emergency response management systems and an emergency call systemAugust 2014Moritz HegelHochschule Pforzheim, Germany
Evaluation reportThrough positive long term experience with QF-Test PPI has been successfully established keyword and data-driven test automation for an RCP application framework at Talanx, a global B2B Insurance Group (German PDF only)May 2014Jörg PaelkePPI AG Informationstechnologie, Hamburg, for Talanx Systeme AG, Hanover, Germany
Evaluation reportData-and keyword-driven test case representation (German PDF only)January 2013Dirk O. SchweierG. Muth Partners GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany
Bachelor's ThesisConception and implementation of a graphic Editor for different notations in the software development process (German PDF only)January 2011Peter KolbeTU Berlin, Germany
 Capture-Replay Regression Testing in Eclipse RCP (Blog posting)October 2009Christoph Schmidtubigrate GmbH, Dresden, Germany
Diploma ThesisEvaluation of tools for the automation of GUI-Tests (Extract concerning QF-Test)June 2008Rainer SmekalFH Joanneum Kapfenberg, Austria
Diploma ThesisIntroduction of Java GUI based automated tests (Extract concerning QF-Test)March 2007Eyere TakemHochschule Fulda, Germany

Test automation tools comparison with QF-Test

QF-Test compared to:Report

TestCafé, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium-IDE, Appium, Ranorex Studio, TestComplete, UFT (Unified Functional Testing)

Bachelor's thesis: Software Testing: Common test tools in comparison, October 2021 - Fachhochschule Südwestfalen - University of Applied Sciences, Iserlohn, Germany.

Selenium, TestCafe and TestCafe Studio

Bachelor's thesis: Conception of a methodology for the systematic selection of a test automation tool for a software development project using the example of real estate management, August 2021 - Erzsébet Nicole Harmat, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, Hochschule München, Munich, Germany.

SikuliX and Jubula

Bachelor's Thesis: Test automation with QF-Test - QF-Test chosen for GIS program, Comparison with SikuliX and Jubula (German PDF only), September 2017 - Oliver Thomas, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Giessen, Germany.


Case Study: QF-Test replaces Selenium at the HPV November 2017 - Attila Enez, Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung, Germany.

Pounder and

Project Thesis: Evaluation of Swing-compatible Capture-and-Replay-Tools March 2016 - Daniel Kraus, Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft, Germany.

Ranorex, GUI Dancer,
Sikuli and Maveryx

Advanced seminar: Draft of a test automation of TimeNet-GUI, December 2012 - Katharina Schröder, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany.

Automated GUI Recorder, GUIdancer, Unified Functional Testing, Squish and SWT Bot

Master's Thesis: Examination of automatable testing scenarios for User Interfaces of business software systems, August 2011 - Christian Froh, Hochschule Wismar, Germany.

Squish and GUIdancer

Evaluation Squish vs. GUIdancer vs. QF-Test:  From the user's point of view test cases, also in complex scenarios, could just be generated by QF-Test, Squish dropped out relatively fast. June 2010 - Sebastian Behrens, Micros Retail (former Torex), Berlin.


Diploma thesis: Conception and realization of a protocol model editor, chapter 3: Testsuite for a Graphic User Interface - QF-Test in comparison with SWTBot, January 2010 - Christoph Schmidt, TU Dresden, Germany.

Selenium and Windmill

Web-Test-Automation: Selenium vs. Windmill vs. QF-Test, July 2009 - Mark Michaelis, CoreMedia, Germany.


Why we chose QF-Test over Squish, July 2009 - Logan White Stack, R.J. Lee Group, Monroeville, USA.

Automated GUI 
Recorder, FIT, 
The Grinder, 
Silk Performer, 
Silktest, GUI Dancer, Loadrunner, Quicktest Pro, 
QA-Load and Squish

Project thesis: Test automation for software with a SWT-Rich-Client (RCP), Comparison of different GUI test tools (Open source and commercial), October 2008 - Patrice Förster, Staatliche Studienakademie Thüringen, Berufsakademie Gera, ALEA GmbH, Germany.


Diploma Thesis: Test automation of net management systems, March 2008 (Extract concerning QF-Test) - Michael Werner, Hochschule Esslingen, Germany.

SilkTest, Squish and Marathon

Evaluation of GUI-test tools for Java Swing:  QFS QF-Test, Borland SilkTest, Froglogic Squish and Marathon, November 2007 - O. Krapp, M.Besemer, SBE network solutions GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany.

JUnit, djUnit and Jacareto

Project Thesis: JUnit in Comparison with JUnit, Jacareto and QF-Test (German PDF only),July 2007 - M. Graf, P. Hornig, K. Keller, Hochschule Mannheim, Germany.

and Automated
GUI Recorder (AGR)

Testing of Eclipse RCP-Applications, April 2007 - Steffen Schäfer, OIO.


Evaluation of QF-Test/qftestJUI at CoreMedia, January 2006 - Mark Michaelis, CoreMedia, Germany.


Project Thesis: Test tools for Java/Swing User Interfaces, QF-Test/qftestJUI in comparison with JFCUnit (German PDF only), February 2005 - Florian Krämer, Hochschule Esslingen - Hochschule für Technik, Germany.

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QF-Test in camparison to competitive products

Compared to this competing products, QF-Test offers various advantages as a mature tool for test automation.

QF-Test vs. Cypress

QF-Test vs. Playwright

QF-Test vs. Selenium