Diploma thesis (Extract) UI Testing with QF-Test

A first view on the main window of QF-Test can cause confusion for an unexperienced tester. This confusion disappears after having worked through the provided instruction. The usability of QF-Test is intuitive. QF-Test has an extensive documentation which can be used as reference book. An outstanding online help is provided. You get answers to your questions quickly.

The control of speed is important to be able to synchronize events. QF-Test allows the tester to manage the test execution speed. The user has several possibilities to determine delays and breaks in test execution.

QF-Test offers several possibilities to start a test object. These many ways of starting a test object out of QF-Test raises the flexibility of the tool.

The usage of QF-Test is advisable. Its broad functionality, powerful recognition algorithm, reliability in capturing, speed in test execution, superb support and references are convincing.

Diploma Thesis: Introduction of Java GUI based automated tests (Extract concerning QF-Test) - March 2007, Eyere Takem, Hochschule Fulda, Germany.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)