All evaluated Tools were installed (as they were available for the respective operating system) in Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 or OpenSuse 10.3) and in a Windows system (XP or Vista) and we did a first functional test. The proper evaluation (except pure linux tools) was in Windows XP professional. For tools that support Windows as well as Linux the ability of transferring of the test cases was tested.

Conclusion: Excerpt concerning QF-Test

The tool QF-Test is very intuitive and easy to handle that uses the capture & replay technology and the editing of test cases by using drag’n’drop or Jython. The program interface is very clear; the start of the project (integration of the SUT) is possible without great knowledge. People that want to test Java GUI applications will be in good hands with QF-Test. Deep programming knowledge is not necessary for good test results, but really advantageous for the integration of external data sources.

The whole extract from the evaluation report concerning QF-Test can be found here (German PDF only).

Diploma Thesis: Evaluation of tools for the automation of GUI-Tests (Extract concerning QF-Test) - June 2008, Rainer Smekal, FH Joanneum Kapfenberg, Austria. 

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)