Playwright is a UI test automation software by Microsoft for web applications that has been in development since 2020.

Playwright is very developer-friendly and shines through its seamless integration with the Microsoft software ecosystem. Despite its code-first approach, Cypress also offers tight integration with Chromium browsers including interactive test recording.

Setup and configuration  
Easy setup for non-developers
Open source✅ 
Supported Technologies

Web applications

Java applications

Windows applications

Android applications

Hybrid applications

Web APIs
PDF documents
Scripting languages  

.Net C#
Target Group


Platform support  






Supported browser drivers✅ CDP

✅ Webdriver
✅ Chrome native embedding (CEF)

Mobile browsers✅ (experimental)
Test Development  
Structuring test suites, sets, and cases

❌ Flat code hierarchy

✅ Nested tree structure

Component identification

✅ "Locators"

✅ Component nodes
✅ SmartID
✅ CSS Selectors

Easy component maintenance

✅ Central maintenance

Integrated debugger


Test run log

✅ QF-Test run log, HTML Report, XML Report, JUnit Report

Multi-tab interface
Comprehensive Documentation
Advanced Features  

Headless testing
Accessibility testing
On-device testing✅ (experimental)

✅ Android (iOS coming soon)

Support and consulting
Professional support
Training and consulting
Free webinars


Which one fits to my team and our requirements best?

  • Instead of an either-or-question we recommend using the benefits of both tools.

Why should I pay for a commercial tool instead of using a freeware tool?

The tool price is only a small part of the test project costs. The main part is the personnel costs, i.e. the effectiveness with which tests can be implemented and maintained is the most decisive factor. This is not taken into account in the pure tool price consideration. In addition, the test tool pays for itself after approximately 3 test cycles. Further information on testautomation and ROI