This bachelor’s thesis is about the conception and implementation of automated testing of interface tests between the emergency response management systems and an emergency call system. The question is examined, if testing with the given programs is feasible and which conditions must be fulfilled for this purpose. The goal is realizing a concept to test the functionalities of the interface. A further aim is the simplification of creation of test cases with this concept. The realization is done with the test automation tool “QF-Test”.

The successful implementation shows that testing can help reducing the effort of the testing of complex systems and can also increase the benefit for the users and the company.


The aim of this bachelor’s thesis was the development of a concept for test automation of the „BOSPORUS TIP“-interface. The concept should solve the test automation on the one hand and on the other hand facilitate the creation of new test scenarios. Furthermore the concept takes the automated analysis of the test scenarios and the creation of run logs into account. Another objective was the realization of the devised concept. Die implementation includes the following programs: QF-Test, BsptTool, Groovy Skripte, Linphone. The test scenarios are created in the program “QF-Test”. After the start of a test scenario the mentioned programs are used reasonably. During the run of the test scenarios, no inputs of the testers have to be made. At the end of a test scenario the run log is created. This run log contains errors, warnings or event messages and allows the tester the checking of the test scenario. Concerning the checking of the interface functionality could be shown that errors were found with the test scenarios in single messages. The implemented test automation just covers a small part of the „BOSPORUS TIP“-interface. A reason for this is, that the specification of the „BOSPORUS TIP“-interface just provides few sequence diagrams, with these diagrams the evaluation of the test scenarios can be developed.

Before extending the test automation these sequence diagrams have to be created. Finally we can say that the successful conception and implementation of GUI testing increases the quality of the software and reduces the duration of test execution substantially. Moreover a further possibility for the „BOSPORUS TIP“-interface is available to check the „NORUMAT TIP“-system and detect possible new bugs. Thus the „BOSPORUS TIP“-interface can contribute success within the next rescue missions and save lives.

The whole extract from the evaluation report concerning QF-Test can be found here (German PDF only).

Bachelor's Thesis: Design and Implementation of test automation of interface tests between emergency response management systems and an emergency call system - August 2014, Moritz Hegel, Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)