We want to thank José Campos for choosing QF-Test for his course "Verification and Validation" and also we are happy to publish the students' feedback here.

We are happy to provide free trial licenses for research, teaching, open-source & charitable projects

Students' feedback on QF-Test

"Intuitive and great tool"

The tool as a great UI and is very intuitive and easy to use. Other than this, it is a great tool and would definitely use it again.

"Fast first tests"

It was the first time we used a Test Automation tool, and the QF-Test tool was pretty straight forward. The interface was easy to understand and use, a single tutorial was enough to do the basic tests we wanted to make.

"User-friendly Tool"

The QF-Test tool is user-friendly, and we can easily import our interface to be tested. The simulation of the steps we want to replicate is simple to set up and the tool handles it really well. It is a good and simple tool for users who do not have much knowledge about testing with this kind of tools. The UI is very user friendly, and easy to understand. The reports generated have good quality and give us the relevant information. We enjoyed experimenting with this tool, and we decided to rate it an 8/10, because it functions well with the process of importing the projects, has a user-friendly UI, has a good reporting system, and runs smoothly. Thank you for the experience.

"Good to use after learning curve"

Although the tool is very useful, we did not find the GUI very intuitive, and it took some time to learn how to use it properly. After over coming the learning curve, we were able to easily develop tests.

"Our experiences with the tool are consistently positive"

The tool offers a level of depth and complexity much beyond what we required to create the simple test cases we needed. Nevertheless, it remains very much possible to interact and make use of the tool for simple tasks and tests. Rather than just depth, convenience is also an important facet of any tool being developed for regular use, and the convenience of recording the actions directly through the GUI of a Java program is unmatched, meaning the the tool is excellent even for usage by beginners. Speaking of which, the available tutorials for beginners are extremely helpful. The existence of videos with subtitles ensures the maximum accessibility for any user. Our experiences with the tool have been wholly positive, though it should be noted we have only used it to execute basic tasks and that all our feedback comes from the perspective of beginners with little experience. The only issue we had was with understanding how to ensure tests could be run from varying machines. Even if a folder with all the necessary files and locations exists, we never found out how to indicate locations relative to a directory.

"UI looks a bit outdated - performance more priority than design"

Upsides:We see QF-Test tool as an easy to learn, functional, organized and optimized tool. Being able to select a variety of different file formats is very useful. The ability to capture and replay actions makes it so much easier to test and retest everything.
Downsides: The UI looks a bit out of date but this should not be a priority for most QF-test users, as we give more priority to performance than to design.

"Intuitive shortcuts for fast test implementation"

Overall, the tool is very well made and allows for a quick implementation of various tests with use of intuitive short-cuts. Summarizing some of the
strongest points:

  • Beginner friendly
  • Simple and intuitive UI.
  • Very powerful set of tools for testing.
  • Easy to run subsets of tests and groups of operations.
"So many functionalities despite outdated interface"

First, we really like how easy it is to use and configure, this together with so many functionalities make this software worth trying and using. We found however that the user interface is indeed outdated, we also felt that due to the interface, the immediate response while using the QF is that "is it really worth using?" or should we search for a different option. Overall, we give this tool a very positive feedback.

"Overall a very useful program"

We found the application quite useful, and although it has a slightly outdated visual aspect, it has a style that is quite easy to find and understand where the functionalities are. The only negative point that we found was the fact that we used a project (jTimeSched) that had a table with a column, and that column had a color square. When we tried to check this field, the QF-Test tool identified it as an empty cell. But overall a very useful program.

"Good Tutorial"

During the trial that the QF‑Tool team had the willingness to lend us we had time to discover some of the features that the tool offers, especially related to Java Testing. While we were learning to work with the tool we saw that there were tutorials in order to learn faster. We saw them and they were helpful and easy to understand. We developed some tests by recording the application sequences and using test checks to validate them. During this period it was easy to get the work done. In general the application is really useful and helpful to accomplish the creating and execution of test cases. Thanks for letting us use this tool for this period.

"Good recording option"

In our opinion, the QF Test tool was very useful and overall easy to use. We had some issues, such as in the start, where we were a little lost where to start from. We thought that the recording option was really well done, and the overall organization of the toolbar and workspace were easy to use.

"Easy self-study, many supported technologies & their consistent approach"

It's easy to learn in self-study and with the help of videos or webinars. The component recognition is very good. With a little practice the component recognition can be adapted individually to your needs or be optimized. Many test automation tools are free, but these require significant effort to construct a 'framework' that handles component recognition, reporting, abstraction, re-use, etc... additionally these with free tools their require costly maintenance when running against a shifting codebase of an application under test. Technologies supported is wide: Originating with Java Swing, SWT & JavaFX on Windows, Linux and Mac, then expanding by using the same consistent approach for handling web application testing. With the current state and objectives for this class (Verification and Validation of Software) we can't think of anything about this application we didn’t like at the moment.

"Videos on website"

Since the beginning, when we installed the tool the tutorial was very intuitive and very well explained and we understand everything to start using the tool. After that we watch the videos from demos on the site and we understand very quickly, and we fell the interface was very well explained and very easy to use and loved it. After that we use on our application test and we could do it easily.