Integrated Webswing testing: QF-Test as ideal solution

QF-Test brings the Java and Web testing worlds together and that is exactly what you need to test your Webswing application.

One way - testing two tchnologies: Java & Webswing
Java Tests 1:1 into the Web

The already existing Java tests, Java Swing, JavaFX, Applets or Netbeans, can run practically unmodified on Web. QF‑Test delivers the optimal support of this migration scenario.
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Power of Java Testing

QF-Test exploits the full power of the Java component recognition and uses it in the Webswing environment. The result are stable and maintainable tests.
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Partnership Webswing and QF-Test icon
Partnership with Webswing

The products QF-Test and Webswing fit perfectly together. This partnership of the companies QFS and Webswing is a solid base of the support of both technologies.
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Synergies QF-Test and Webswing
Harness synergies

You already have QF-Test in action: Use your existing Java application tests for the migration with Webswing into the web and into the cloud. Alternatively you can create the Java tests first and then monitor the migration.

And if you eventually decide to migrate your application natively to the web using the Webswing Migration Framework, you can stilluse QF-Test to seamlessly test both the new and old parts of your application.

Webswing and QF-Test

Integrated testing of Webswing applications with QF-Test - Uniting two worlds

  • Webswing brings Java into the browser
  • QF-Test ensures the quality by interacting with both simultaneously

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Webswing: Java applications in the web browser

Webswing is a web server which allows you to run any Java Swing application (or JavaFX application or Applet application or Netbeans application) inside your web browser, using HTML5 exclusively.

"Some time ago, we decided to transform one of our desktop Java Swing applications into a web application. We found nice and easy way to do that, by using already-available third-party software, and we decided to go with it. The difficult part was the testability of the new web solution. We explored several options to be able to create automated tests, but none of them was sufficiently robust or promising. Then we looked at it from a different angle - "It's the same swing application we have underneath, and we have a great automation framework and tests suite using QF-Test. Can't we test it through the web with the same tool?". We knew it wouldn’t be possible with the available features of the tool. We also knew the great customer focus the QFS team has, the responsiveness and spot-on solutions of their support to some of our seemingly wild ideas or complex problems. It was just another wild idea, and we went with it to QFS, asking them for what seemed like an imaginary, magical solution to us back then...

...and it was worth it. Our requirements have been taken into account really quickly and one of the best technical experts in the QFS team started working on this personally. It required a couple of iterations on a proof of concept implementation that we tried out, and a great collaborative effort between our technical specialists and the QFS team, before we started to believe that this implementation could actually cover our needs.

Now we have 95% (10,000+ tests) of the existing suite of test cases for the Swing version of our software, reusable for the web version. We achieved this with very minimal rework, and it saved us a huge amount of effort for creating tests from scratch. These tests are giving us very high confidence that each new build of the web version is with the required quality.

Thank you QFS team!"

Case Study Experian: Migration from Java into the Web

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Explanatory video of our partner Webswing

This video shows you how to migrate a Java application into the web.

QF-Test is the ideal solution for testing your Webswing application.