Web development
  • Full support of Java, HTML and AJAX, direct access to Java and Browser-DOM, Groovy, Jython & JavaScript integrated
  • Abstraction of complex GUI-components and -hierarchies, generic components: no individual maintenance of the elements changed
  • Can be combined with unit tests (via Jenkins and other Continuous Integration-tools), dedicated nodes for static and live unit tests, Integration of Selenium tests
  • Detailed documentation also on technical level with multiple extension APIs
  • Modularisation for structuring and simplification of extensive tests

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What developers say about QF‑Test

Kay Dörnemann, Senior Software Engineer, Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany:

Personally, I consider that your tool is the best one available on the market!

David A. Downey, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Durham, NC, USA:

I am very content. I really like the new functionality. I don't know how I got by before without the ability to view variable values and the "execute from here" functionality. The dependency functionality was confusing at first, but it is useful. No one else does java thick client as well as you. Eventually I will be able to automate most of my testing (if I get the time to put into developing the tests). One of the things I have been most impressed with is the speed at which my support questions are replied to. You all do an outstanding job of that. Keep up the good work.

MÜNCHENER VEREIN Versicherungsgruppe, Munich, Germany:

  • Support of latest browser versions (IE, FF)
  • very flexible testsuites due to scripting (dynamic test-run control, reusable procedures)
  • very good debugging, even option to modify automation during debugging and retesting is possible immediately
  • impressively fast and competent support

Our conclusion: working with a test tool like this is fun!

Rik Littlefield, Zerene Systems LLC, Richland, WA, USA:

We ran full evaluation of two products: QF-Test and Squish.
Initially I was very impressed by Squish, but as we investigated deeper we found some things that are important to us that Squish just wouldn't do, and simultaneously we found more things that QF-Test provided that we had not even thought about. To embed a full scripting language in both client and server, with access to the application's internals via Java reflection, is a great idea and well implemented. Your methods for dealing with file choosers etc. are also a welcome extension.
It seems to me now that QF-Test started out as a tool to test Java Swing and has expanded to include other frameworks, while Squish started out to test Qt and has expanded to include much but not all of Java Swing.
It turned out that Squish simply could not test some pieces of Swing that are very important for my application, so for my situation QF-Test was a much better match. In addition, your level of support is exemplary, as is your product.

Gerhard Katstaller, eMundo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria:

We have been using QF-Test in our company for a longer time for testing of a ERP-application with several hundred input masks. It is based on a swing surface and was enlarged by divers GUI libraries: Jide, JGoodies, etc. We are very happy with QF-Test's functionality of testing a very extensive application.

The support of different GUI elements, also complex elements like tables, trees etc., is very good. For additional requirements QF-Test offers the possibility to enlarge the functionality individually by divers interfaces (using Groovy or Jython as scripting languages). These enlargements fit easily in QF-Test's clear and well thought out operating concept. 

QF-Test is robust, parallel working doesn't disturb local test runs. QF-Test can be used in batch-mode for the integration in a CI-system, in our case Jenkins.

QF-Test has a large documentation, questions are being answered fastly by the competent and helpful support team!

Jeff Grimshaw, Senior Software Developer, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA:

Thanks, that works great. I have to say that QF-Test is a wonderful tool for creating and maintaining Swing tests.

Jim Pottberg, Sciforma Corporation, Los Gatos CA, USA:

I think your product is quite amazing and we have been using it more and more as our product matures. We have been faithful about using setName() wherever your product says it is recommended and that, along with custom spreadsheet calls via your Jython interface, have made our testing process totally resolution independent. (This is important to us since we test on multiple platforms.) We love QF-Test and use it most every day for building and running regression test scripts for our product.

Jin Kudo, Senior Localization Engineer, BEA Systems Japan, Tokyo, Japan:

QF-Test works well in almost all cases (the exceptions are due to our tool specific Eclipse plug-ins). The product is really easy to use and we can also integrate it to our testing environment to utilize product functionality by ourselves.

Markus Kneissl, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Langen, Germany:

We started first with Borland (Segue) SilkTest. But after a while, we recognized that there is no Suse Linux-support and that the support of Borland is more focused on selling than on functionality- that's why we searched for an alternative. The central point pro QF-Test was the Suse Linux-support, the possibility of integrating customized scripts for executing also special tests and the information of measurement - and execution times in the report. The support of your employees has been exemplary until now. Thanks a lot!

Alexander Masis, Sr. Software Test Automation Engineer, Analogic Corp., Peabody, USA:

We at Analogic using QF-Test to automate our complex test environment. QF-Test is a powerful tool, it is very robust, has a lot of different capabilities. We did a long evaluation of other tools including TestComplete and Rational Functional Tester - QF-Test is a clear winner. It has nice debugging, reporting and most important - excellent capabilities to develop Python scripts to extend the value and power of tests. It works equally well on Linux and Windows.
As with any complex tool - Manuals are very important and QF-Test has excellent manuals and reference sources. Occasionally users will have complex questions and call support... I've contacted support for about 10+ times over the last 2 months and a got fast and correct resolutions on any of my questions. The last support issue was not trivial, it involved data driven test development effort. The supporter was helping me resolve this problem. He offered a solution after a very thorough understanding of my goal. He then offered to develop a test example/procedure that is used in our project.

Anders Hoegh-Guldberg, Service Manager, Senior Consultant, Capgemini, Denmark:

I'm quite satisfied with the features and usability of QF-Test. At my project at Capgemini we find that QF-Test version 2.0 was improved with appropriate new features which we needed in QF-Test 1.8.

Derrik Ammons, Software QA Test Engineer, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, USA:

Having thousands of test cases for our software management application, automation is a necessity. In the past, we have used several automation tools to assist in our testing effort from commercial software applications to tools developed in-house. None of them compared to QF-Test when it comes to the ease and speed of implementation. This full feature tool cut much of the manual regression testing time down, considerably. This allowed our team to focus more on the manual testing of the newer features.

Unlike the other tools, QF-Test made it easy to continue the test automation from release to release of our application, through the integration of Jython. Although Jython scripting was new to our test development team, it didn't take long before we were up and running... thanks to the support team at QFS. The level of support is extraordinary. I was a little doubtful at first when reading the testimonials about the support, but it was, indeed, true. They are "very responsive" and "lightning quick".

Jon Bright, Software developer, tick-TS AG, Germany:

We are satisfied with the support, that we received by QFS. Your fast, reliable and technical competent support makes life a lot easier.

Mikhail Chub, Software Testing Engineer in Automation, Infopulse, Kiev, Ukraine:

Unfortunately, one of my best experiences in Automated Testing - with QF-Test - is finished. All tests were automated for the project I had been involved in, and now I'm automating tests for other applications using other technologies and tools.

As I have experience with different tools for automation, and can compare - when automating with QF-Test, you are just writing tests/scripts and you don't care about finding workarounds: it's not needed.

Mike, QC Technician / Senior Software Engineer, USA:

Although I am brand new to the tool (and to QA for that matter) my team and I are very excited about the progress we have made in the QA area and QF-Test has been a big part of that. So to answer your question .. yes .. very pleased with the tool. My team is currently developing a new order entry system (written in Java Swing) and since we started using QF-Test we have greatly reduced the number of bugs that have made their way to users. I must say automated testing beats the heck out of the alternative.

Atilla Enez, Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung e.G., Hamburg, Germany:

Working with QF-Test is real fun for me!

Dario Zanotti, Siemens S.p.A., Italy:

I performed a technical evaluation on a Linux machine, and I see that QF-Test is quite user friendly, versatile and environment independent. When I had troubles, the answers from QFS were fast and centered on the problem. Documentation is useful and quite well organized.

Klaus Berg, Senior Engineer, Siemens Corporate Technology, Munich, Germany:

With QF-Test GUI testing can change from an obligatory task into enthusiasm: Especially the component recognition is reliable and seamless script integrating - Jython or Groovy - if necessary - into the normally event-driven test procedure is possible. This leads to the presumption, that there are just a few testing scenarios that are not manageable with this tool. Furthermore the stability of QF-Test is - compared with competitors - an outstanding characteristic of QF-Test: No single program crash and no delays. This positive picture is completed by the legendary support, that has no equal.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)