Testing JavaFX applications with QF-Test has been supported since the launch of JavaFX.

  • QF-Test supports all simple and complex JavaFX controls.
  • QF-Test can test hybrid JavaFX applications with an embedded browser like WebView or JxBrowser. You can access both, the Java and the Web part of the application conveniently.
  • With Webswing and JPro you can bring JavaFX applications into the web as SAS. Existing tests can be reused as is.
  • QF-Test supports JavaFX specifically WebView, JxBrowser, Webswing and JPro cross-platform on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • QF-Test itself is based on Java and therefore offers the best possible support for your JavaFX applications.

What are QF-Test's special features for testing JavaFX applications?

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Modularized testing of complex components

QF-Test can directly address and validate sub-items of complex components, such as addressing a table cell via its row and column information. These steps can be conveniently recorded and modularized, allowing easy reuse and leading to low-maintenance tests.

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Tests on all platforms

With QF-Test you can test JavaFX apps cross-platform on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
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Mutual embedding of JavaFX into Swing, SWT/Eclipse and Web-Browsers

JavaFX is often combined with other Java GUI technologies, e.g. Swing or SWT and of course web. Thus it is particularly important that QF‑Test is ready for use when migrating from Swing or SWT to JavaFX. This allows automated Java Swing or SWT tests created with QF‑Test to be reused for JavaFX with little effort, even combined for embedded components. If parts of the JavaFX application are implemented in an embedded browser like WebView or JxBrowser, QF-Test fully supports that as well.

Examples of real-world JavaFX applications

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Access to the entire JavaFX API

The following scripting languages offer full access to  the JavaFX application under test:

  • Jython
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript

"Janitza has been using QF-Test extensively over many years to live up to the constant growth and guarantee a high bar of quality at the same time.

Starting with a Swing application, the technology switches to JavaFX, JxBrowser and web applications were also covered effectively with QF-Test."

Tristan Himmelreich, Diplom-Informatiker | Research & Development

Janitza electronics GmbH, Germany

"Personally, I want to stress again the good customer service. Just a few days ago we had technical problems with our nightly-build relating to JavaFx. Within a very short time QFS service reacted, analysed our problem and sent us a patch. Top - Keep it up!"

Alexander Orbach, Software Development Automation

HF MIXING GROUP, Freudenberg, Germany

JavaFX future

JavaFX was released as an essential part of Java 8 and Oracle's main intention was a unified solution comprised of an API for UI components, HTML/CSS and JavaScript with embedded browsers like JxBrowser and WebView and media like animations, video, audio as well as 2D and 3D. With Java 11 JavaFX was moved out of the JDK into the open source project OpenJFX. To this day OpenJFX is led by Oracle together with Gluon and supported by many other active participants.

Oracle announced at the JavaFX Adopters Meeting 2020 to extend support for their proprietary JavaFX 8 until 2025. Builds of the open-source variant OpenJFX and longstanding support contracts for that are offered by Gluon.

The Java SE Support Roadmap applies to JavaFX technology, taking into account "Web Deployment Technology and JavaFX" for earlier versions. Current JavaFX releases can be found at jdk.java.net/javafx22, as well as the JavaFX 23 early access builds.

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Testing JavaFX applications with QF-Test

Do you want to test your JavaFX / OpenJFX application as well?

Then try QF-Test for the quality assurance of your JavaFX or OpenJFX software!

Just contact us via phone + 49 8171 38648-10 or via service@remove-this.qfs.de that we can make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.

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