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  • Supports testers as well as developers and a wide range of UI technologies
  • Variable license models, excellent price-performance-ratio 
  • High quality and low maintenance due to stable tests
  • Daily Monitoring → fast detection and correction of bugs → less maintenance after release → rapid Return On Investment
  • Powerful and easy, intuitive handling and easy to learn
  • Saving of time and of money and better quality
  • Documentation and support by our developers and testers
  • Established for 20 years: > 1,400 companies, > 8,000 licenses the collected QF-Test Features

What decision-makers say about QF‑Test

Phil Cross, Lockheed Martin, Owego New York, USA:

QF-Test has become an essential part of our software verification process. Regression testing of our Java application that previously took a full day to execute is now done in less than an hour with QF-Test. The timely tech support from Gregor and the rest of your staff was excellent. We have a much more reliable product thanks to QF-Test!

Dr. Angelika Blauth, mgm technology partners, Munich, Germany:

During the evaluation of a GUI test tool for our Eclipse/SWT based application, we also evaluated Squish. We executed the same tests for our software with both tools.

The following criteria were decisive for QF-Test:

  • very clear structuring of the tests
  • The work is easier for users that have not so much programming experience than with Squish, because in QF-Test more assistance in user guidance is included. This was an important point regarding the test creation by student assistants. The documentation seemed larger.
  • Very good component identification: Especially the identification of lines and columns of a table is working well
  • QF-Test is very fast. It is possible to create a complex database in our software within some minutes.

Turgut Dogan, Consultant and Project Manager at Netcetera AG, Zurich, Switzerland:

Evita AG is developing and selling the health dossier Evita which was tested intensely and developed further in a pilot project by patients and doctors over several month in the canton of Luzern. Since quality is playing a decisive role, Evita is utilizing QF-Test for test automation. In the beginning of the project Netcetera led the evaluation of an adequate testing tool and did the proof of concept (POC) for the test automation. After the successful POC of QF-Test know-how transfer for the implementation of the quality concept to the customer took place by trainings and coachings. Benefits for the customers could be achieved by quality insurance of the product, higher efficiency due to test automation and a quick realization of the quality concept with QF-Test.

QF-Test won through by robust component identification, an easy and efficient creation of parameterized procedures, an easy and intuitive usability, the embedding in a continuous-build and the configurable reports.

Bryan Kaufman, Test & Evaluation Manager, MASS II - NGC, USA:

Our program has 116 Use Cases (87 are automated with QF-Test {75%}), and 690 System Requirements (601 are automated with QF-Test {87%}). I would lose my mind if I had to manually check each of these each time a new version of the software was built (approximately 20 times per year). Highly satisfied customer since 2008.

Ralph van Roosmalen, QA Manager, Planon, Netherlands:

We work in an agile environment and we want to assure that our product complies to the highest quality levels. We don't want to test this once a year, once a quarter or once a month but every day! With QF-Test we are capable to build test scripts that test our application every night automatically. The software gives us the possibilities to build a framework with standard procedures, so we can build and maintain tests quick and structured.

With help of the test scripts we are finding bugs almost at a daily basis. This justifies all the effort we put in QF-Test. At this time we can create scripts almost as fast as when testing manually if there are already procedures available for this functional module. One hour of manual testing takes 1,5 to 2 hours to automate. I think this is a very good performance.
When we start with a new module and have to create procedures and record all the new components this performance is of course lower.

Des Cullen, DCS, Ireland:

I am extremely satisfied with QF-Test. It has taken us into an area of confidence in our releases that we never had before... The main success is that our staff now see that we have a regression testing tool that works and has caught issues before they were released. It has greatly reduced the effort in actually carrying out the tests!

Alexander Beisig, SiteOS AG, Munich, Germany:

That we decided QF-Test, is depending probably on different reasons:

  • License model: We don't have fix test developers, so the floating license is a great advantage.
  • Stability of the application: I was impressed by the stability of the application. Unfortunately, it wasn't always the case in other test frameworks.
  • Repeatability of tests: I had few problems with QF-Test to write tests that reliably provide always the same result.
  • Swing: Another important aspect was, that QF-Test itself is developed in Swing and that Swing was even the first supported GUI technology.

Sean Kane, Manager of Test Engineering, Intervoice Inc., Dallas, USA:

Test speed: It had taken us a year and half to build up our regression test. But now we can regression test the application in 1 week. It used to take 8 weeks. More importantly than speed it has made our testing more consistent from one build to the next and the error logs help identify problems quicker. To use your scale I would say we are 8 times faster.

Gerhard Söll, Head of department: Informatik Methoden und Architektur, MÜNCHENER VEREIN Versicherungsgruppe, Munich, Germany:

We started a new beginning with QF-Test since an approvement of the cost-benefit-ratio, especially in the support of the tool provider, was expected. In more than two years of intensive usage QF-Test and the outstanding support of QFS have confirmed this decision.

Ralf Peuker, R&D-Consultant, iTAC, Montabaur, Germany:

The processes of our quality management could be optimized by test automation via QF-Test.

Boris Basic, LT Test Service Center, Suva, Luzern, Switzerland:

Our automation framework with QF-Test runs like a clockwork currently. Since February we have reached an average of 3,000 tests per hour (peak: sometimes even over 50,000 per day) with 60 QF-Test daemons :-).

Steffen Thiel, Stoneball, Leipzig, Germany:

QF-Test runs fantastically. I can walk into the testing room and I just see smiling faces ;-).

Ryan Richard, Sr. Manager Product Development, Magma Design Automation, USA:

Magma is committed to delivering high-quality software to our customers, and QF-Test is the commercial software we found that best allowed us to build an automated, scalable and maintainable cross-platform testing infrastructure for our Java/Swing user interfaces to meet our QA requirements. It's the testing tool best meets our needs.

Markus Stäuble, RTL Television GmbH, Cologne, Germany:

RTL Television utilizes QF-Test for automated quality assurance of the newscast editorial system. Here QF-Test is the key element of an environment built around and upon it. Within this environment several instances of QF-Test are running. These are coordinated for automated execution of parallel actions. By the usage of QF-Test quick and quality assured releases became possible. Today this tool is indispensable for final acceptance.

Peter Lee, Quality Analyst, Creditex, New York, USA:

Best regards and thanks for all your support this past year. Your company's customer service is the best I've seen in terms of promptness and accommodation.

Olga Faber, Brockmann-Consult, Geesthacht near Hamburg, Germany:

...yes, I evaluated several tools: Silk (Borland), WinRunner (Mercury), QA Wizard Pro and so many free tools like Marathon, Pounder and so on. Before that I used the Abbot library.
Criteria for the choice of QF-Test:

  • clear, logic, comprehensible and easy to handle
  • good price-performance-ratio
  • very good manual
  • very good support
  • German production

Krishna Chaitanya, QLogic, USA:

The level of support received from QFS in exploring various features of QF-Test and in customizing them to our needs has been exemplary. Responses from QFS to our queries have always been prompt and accurate. In particular, the support provided in helping us deal with our image comparison issue is highly appreciated.

Gadi Goldbarg, Development Tools, QA Team Leader, Zend, Ramat Gan, Israel:

ROI - The usage of QF-Test has reduced my test cycle from 2 weeks (plus/minus) to 5 days (since not all is automated yet). The sanity cycle now takes 2 days rather than 5 days and is very close to full cycle.

Eduardo J. D'Angelo, Director of Quality Control, Principia Partners LLC, Jersey City, USA:

Principia uses QF-Test to automate testing of our newest version of the Principia Structured Finance Platform, written in Java. QF-Test will become the basis for automated regression testing of Principia GUI screens.

Matthias Summer, Adcubum AG, Switzerland:

We utilize QF-Test in several customer specific project and can raise the quality of our software Adcubum Syrius a lot.

Heidi Klade, Logistik Pur Software GmbH, Koppl near Salzburg, Austria:

Our tests run for about 90 minutes. 15 minutes of that are used for setting up the whole system, compiling of server and client etc. and fundamental JUnit tests, QF-Tests last about 75 minutes. A manual test (if it runs without input errors) would take 6 or 7 times longer, because the data entry, the repetitive procedures and the checking of the values are time-consuming.

When input errors by the tester occur, it can happen that the data can't be undone, what means a server stopp, database recovery and a server restart. This  would last about 7 minutes every time.

I suppose that a manual test run would last about 7-8 hours of concentrated work. We would need at least two test runs per day, because we can build up our system, Helium V, in two different databases. Probably, we would have to exchange the test persons at least every two weeks because of mental fatigue and the risk of driving crazy because of empty-headed work ;-).

Dr. Matthias Wiskow, QA, Wind River Systems, Salzburg, Austria:

I am most positively surprised of the powerfulness and stability of QF-Test. I have never seen a comparable tool in which tests created in Windows were so easy to execute also in Linux.

In for us critical areas QF-Test is acting user as requested, user-friendly and solidly. Our American colleagues had a very positive impression. Besides the quality of the product the quality of your support is the reason, why we want to introduce QF-Test from the specialized point of view as our UI test automation.

Herwig Hosaeus, System Engineer, EADS MAS, Manching, Germany:

Out of all GUI test tools evaluated, QF-Test was the most reliable and stable software in the category capture/replay test automation for Java applications. Meanwhile, QF-Test is used as preferred tool in-house at EADS.

Jacob Grydholt Jensen, Senior Consultant, Capgemini, Viby J., Denmark:

We have been constantly impressed by the responsiveness and competence demonstrated by QFS. Our immediate problem was solved during the webinar and QFS support has since been very helpful in ironing out the remaining wrinkles in our setup. Even though our setup is far from common in the industry, QFS has at no point shied from the task at hand, but have persisted in finding the root cause of the problem.

Alexander Straub, Software Development, Qualitype GmbH, Dresden, Germany:

The price, the good support plead for the acquisition of QF-Test. Very important was also the easy usability despite of a high flexibility.

Nicolaj Sörensen, Operations, Visma Proceedo AB, Sweden:

The most important part was that we could get a reasonable payback on the investment. Another thing was that it should not be to expensive to own in terms of cost and time needed to put into it (easy to use). Your system was fairly easy to set up and do some basic tests. Especially the start wizard was very valuable and without it I would probably have stopped evaluation and moved on to next system. I don't remember all tools I looked at but it very quickly came down to you and Froglogic, and after further investigation you were better on all points. I like your mail forum where I've found a lot of answers to my questions. Your support answers fast and often put a little more effort into answering that just answer the exact question which have been extremely useful and I could solve problems in smarter ways. Take into consideration that I'm not a developer and therefore maybe not your average user.Your product Is easy to use, yet very advanced when you get to know it.

Kathrin Beutin, EOS UPTRADE GmbH, Hamburg, Germany:

QF-Test is very complex but always had a solution for all of our requirements - this was crucial! We got already many informations on your website. I contacted your support several times and I always got adequate solutions quickly.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)