Checks list
  • Intuitive user interface with capture/replay for efficient test generation
  • Programming knowledge not imperatively required (in contrast to QTP, Squish, Selenium...)
  • Clearly structured and maintainable tests / stable tests with little maintenance
  • Short learning period due to videos, tutorials, examples, webinar for beginners, trainings (in English and German)
  • Quick and reliable automation instead of  monotonous manual testing
  • Detailed and clearly arranged run-logs for bug-analysis the collected QF-Test Features

Petra Bouskova at SeleniumConf in Berlin in October 2017, tells what testers think: 

Build a Successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester

What QA engineers say about QF‑Test

Daniel Böhm, engineering/development, WOW! Würth Online World GmbH, Künzelsau, Germany:

A special praise to the support! During an evaluation I have never seen, that a support resolves problems so fastly and excellently.

Lars Bürk, HaslerRail AG, Bern, Switzerland:


The user-friendliness of QF-Test was a big point for QF-Test, that was very important for us, because a part of the team has no or just little Java experience and the test tool should be used by every member of the team.

Tore Felix Munck, Lead Quality Assurance Specialist, SPT Group AS, Kjeller, Norway:

Question 1: Did you evaluate also other tools??

Yes, Rational Robot of IBM

Question 2: Which criteria was decisive for the usage of QF-Test?

  • QF-Test is much more flexible and easier to handle than Rational Robot
  • Its Java component identification functions better in QF-Test than in RR concerning our application
  • cross-platform support (MS/Linux)

Carsten Meier, Software development Manager, pds GmbH, Rotenburg, Germany:


QF-Test is very attractive for us particularly because of automated tests of high-complex processes. Also employees without development knowledge can handle QF-Test because its handling is easy. The daily test runs with QF-Test provide a fast feedback on the correct performance of the whole software to our development. Thus, we can easily react to errors that occur.

Tung Nguyen, Securify, California, USA:

I'm the main user of QF-Test in our company for testing our Java Apps. Our Java Apps are written using Swing/AWT and QF-Test is a perfect tool for testing them. I'm quite happy with QF-Test because it's very easy to use and does its jobs nicely. Writing test automation scripts with it is a feat. I find it very easy to set-up/write/execute test cases. There were couple of times at the beginning when I had some newbie problems, but nothing Greg couldn't solve in matter of hours. Hoooray to Greg! :)

I think QF-Test is a wonderful product. I have yet to use it to its full potential, but that's only matter of time. Please keep up the good work!

Marcel Duda, Scandpower PT, Hamburg, Germany:

I fought my way through four or five different tools ;-). I found them via online search.

  • GUIdancer
  • Rational Robot
  • Window Tester Pro
  • Squish for JAVA
  • Marathon (OSS)

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, I liked the concept (gui/agent/db) of GUIdancer a lot. Finally, the user-friendliness, coverage of functions and the easy test setup of SUTs in QF-Test tipped the scales.

I appreciate the intuitive handling that allows defining test cases completely by the GUI ("clicking together"). In particular one of our requirements was that also non-developers should be able to create tests themselves. In this case a just with scripts feasible or cryptic test-case setup would be obstructive.

Pece Stanoev, Java developer, Skopje, Macedonia:

From my experience with QF-Test I find it to be very useful tool for automatic testing. Here are the pros from my perspective:

  • Generally easy to use, small learning curve for novice users
  • Expert functions
  • Great event recorder
  • The tree view for the test suite, tests and all commands and checks is AMAZING (give my regards to the developer)
  • Use of variables in anything
  • The SUT Scripts
  • Overall pretty stable tool
  • Great report generation
  • GREAT debugger and run log

I enjoined the use of QFS pretty much and I can say it is the best tool for automatic testing that I've tried. Thanks for this great product, Kind regards, Pece

Carl-Johan Fryxell, Tester, c1-setcon, Munich, Germany:

I am quite satisfied with QF-Test. The tool is very intuitive and easy to handle, I have been automating everything in our swing application so far. I consider it a positive thing that the reaction of my support request was very fast.

Isis Bauquis, Testingenieur, Sword Linkvest SA, Switzerland:

We used QF-Test for the automation of functional tests at the IT department of the City of Geneva. QF-Test was the only automation tool that worked on their specific, highly customized Swing framework. We encountered the problematic of component naming and integration with Quality Center, both of which we solved with the help of QFS' experienced team. Technical support was always fast and highly efficient. Benefit/Price ratio is excellent. We congratulate the QFS team on its work and products!

Andreas Jahn, Certified Tester Full Advanced, Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV), Berlin, Germany:

QF-Test is distinguishing itself positively from other tools we evaluated in these criteria of requirements

  • Access to almost all Swing GUI components
  • Component identification on object level in GUI- and web applications
  • extensive sequential control (loops, conditional execution, error handling)
  • very good support of data-driven tests
  • excellent test reporting
  • in many fields intuitive usability / good documentation → low training effort

QF-Test rendered us good services in testing our web application.
Our few problems and questions concerning the tool were answered by the QFS support quickly.

Alexander Orbach, Software Development Automation, HF MIXING GROUP, Freudenberg, Germany:

The persuasive argument in favor of QF-Test was, that even colleagues can generate tests, who have no programming skills, but the specialized know how in this sector.

Our feedback is extremely positive. We want to highlight, that we could help ourselves by the existing documentation and different instructions. The cases, in which we contacted the support via telephone or email, was always expedient and successful. The active contact of QFS to its customers or potential customers is astounding.

Generally, we are satisfied with our decision. Personally, I want to stress again the good customer service. Just a few days ago we had technical problems with our nightly-build relating to JavaFx. Within a very short time QFS service reacted, analysed our problem and sent us a patch. Top - Keep it up!

Torsten Rix, Student, Nettetal, Germany:

The tool is very useful, easy to handle and easy to understand. It meets our requirements for GUI testing absolutely. No error or other unexpected bug occurred during the demo. :-)

Dominic Frischherz, Test Engineer, RUAG Electronics AG, Bern, Switzerland:

I am very happy, that our company opted for using further QF-Test. The structural development with a large quantity of data wouldn't nearly have been possible in our software application without QF-Test. This procedure is quickly done thanks to automation. A big structure is important because we cannot test our product on such a high operating and performance level without this volume of data.

Dr. Ralph Heider, Team Manager, Geo Service & Product Development, PRO DV Software AG, Dortmund, Germany: 

Besides QF-Test HP QuickTest, Rational Robot and Rational Functional Tester were on the short list. The creation of a test case catalogue for our application without a great training effort was quickly possible due to QF-Test.

Benoit Derouet, Neotys, Aubagne, France:

We are happy with QF-Test so far. We use it to test our load testing software NeoLoad, it saves us a lot of time. We use QF-Test since the first version of our software, the scripts are easy to create and to maintain. All the tests of the product are integrated in a nightly build process and we have a test report in our mailboxes every morning. This is very useful to know the quality of the software during the development process day after day.

Annie Connell, Lead tester, HPD Software Limited, London, United Kingdom:

To date, I've written scripts which, consecutively, run for about 6 hours, and we are now regularly running these on four different software builds. The software is highly volatile, as we're taking on new users regularly now, and they all want their own special ways of working incorporated - and existing users frequently find new ways of doing business. Consequently significant changes are being promoted almost daily.

We've already, by daily checking of the results from the automated tests, trapped a number of obscure but highly dangerous errors before they were delivered, so we're very pleased with it.

We continue to be very impressed with QF-Test, and we recommend it to our customers, in cases where they may be interested in doing their own automated acceptance tests. We have shared our own procedures with at least one of these.

Weston Gross, Senior Business Analyst, State of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA:

I have been using QF-Test since 2004. I have evaluated other tools such as Test Complete and other various freeware tools, but have found none as easy to use and dynamic as QF-Test. The bottom line is that I wanted to be able to type stuff in the application and have the tool play it back where the data could be variable. QF-Test handled that nicely and I am able to rapidly test the application after a build. The bonuses that allow for data checking, ability to create procedures for reusable code (very nice), and the Jython scripting language to interact with the database and files has made QF-Test exceptional. I recently upgraded to QFS version 2.2.2 and found one of my favorite features, the ability to continue execution at any location in the script. This makes checking corrections while running a script much easier. I have found no other automated testing tool, with as many features, as easy to use as QF-Test.

Part of an automated tool evaluation is the quality of customer support. QFS has an email directly to customer support and provides a timely response, usually less than a day. All of my questions have been answered in a professional courteous way by a person, not a form letter, and not a database FAQ search response, I really appreciate that.

Terry Timmis, Hanover Park Services Ltd, Lincoln, United Kingdom:

We switched from QTP (HP) to QF test because it was more robust and performed better in our environment. It also was better value for money in comparison to other tools. I have raised one question on its use and had a reply and resolution in minutes, brilliant service. Keep up the good work, we love it!

Nancy Knettell, CEO, Signet Medical Systems, Merrimac, MA, USA:

I have evaluated several tools. As a tools engineer for close to 20 years I have used many of the test tools out there. I found QF-Test because it was the only tool I could get to successfully test a Java based GUI application. I am well aware of QFS' wonderful support and have used it many times.

Daniel de Both, Skyguide Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd, Wangen, Switzerland:

We are very satisfied with QF-Test concerning the quality of the product as well as the quality and speed of the QFS support.

During the migration of existing tests out of the previous tool we could take big parts of our existing java codes, because we could integrate it by groovy scripts. Our automated tests are running definitively better than before. They are reliable and robust, this means that they have constant results between different test runs.

Additionally, the license costs are relatively low and the good support, that takes place within a few hours. We could train ourselves by the tutorials and the documentation. Tanks to the support specific problems could be solved, too, so that we are able to use the tool on a much complexer level.

Abdi Khalid, Project Analyst, Brussels Regional Informatics Centre, Brussels, Belgium:

The advantages I found with QF-Test: easy to use, good documentation, excellent identification of our Swing components. I would definitely recommend your tool in case someone is looking for automated testing.

Evgeny Baskakov, Staff Engineer, Excelsior LLC, Novosibirsk, Russia:

When selecting a GUI testing system, we had several crucial requirements:

  • The most important one was the ease-of-use. QF-Test is definitely the winner among 15+ GUI testing tools we thoroughly evaluated.
  • As we needed to test GUI applications running on our own JVM (Excelsior JET), we needed a testing tool implemented to the Java SE specification and cooperating flawlessly with any compliant JVM. To our pleasure, QF-Test works just fine with Excelsior JET, even though the tested Java applications are compiled into native code Windows/Linux executables.
  • The ability to generate customizable reports with embedded screenshots was also a must requirement that QF-Test met.
  • And last but not least, one of the factors that impacted our purchase decision was the excellent support service provided by QFS.

Ariane Izac, QA, MATERA Systems, Brazil:

This article presents how we can proceed to start automating software tests with the QF-Test tool. Issues that must be considered to avoid problems in planning this type of activity will be identified. Software test automation with QF‑Test

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English)