Specialized press about QF‑Test

  • Rieth, Daniel and Dr. Bihler, Pascal (03.2019): "Web- and desktop application from one Code-Base - Testing Electron applications with QF-Test" (German PDF only)
  • Grebenstein, Kay, Javamagazin (11.2016): "The right test tool for JavaFX - The agony of choice" (German PDF only)
  • Huber, Robert, OBJEKTspektrum edition Agility (2016): "Hybrid Keyword-Driven Testing at Münchener Verein" (German PDF only).
  • Reiser, Michael, OBJEKTspektrum 5 (2015) : "Test automation for a standard software: Case study of a Swiss assurance company" (German PDF only).
  • Wolfgang Weigend, jaxenter.de (January 2015): "Automated Testing of JavaFX GUI Components" (PDF).
  • Andreas Kellerstrass, Magazin itc (3-4-2013): "Test automation for a highly parameterizable, business relevant standard software" (German PDF only).
  • Klaus P. Berg, javaspektrum.de (May 2011): "Load and performance testing of complex Java Swing applications" (German PDF only).
  • Chris Stanbridge, 18th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, Sydney, Australia (October 2010): Retrospective Requirement Analysis Using Code Coverage of GUI Driven System Tests
  • Tim Kaufmann, Internet-Magazine (2-2009): "Product rating: QF-Test result excellent" (PDF)
  • David Harrison, Testing Experience Magazine (December 2009): "Test Automation - Salutations to the World" (PDF).
  • David Harrison, Testing Experience Magazine (June 2009):  "Project-Based Test Automation" (PDF).
  • Benjamin Franke, javaspektrum.de (February 2009): "The high art of GUI-driven Testautomatisation" (German PDF only).
  • Markus Stäuble, Eclipse Magazin (January 2009): "Automated control analysis for RCP - QF-Test/swt: Commercial tool for automated SWT-tests" (German PDF only).
  • Mark Michaelis, Testing Experience Magazine (December 2008): "Boon and Bane of GUI Test Automation" (PDF).
  • Elke and Michael Niedermair, Java Magazine 6 (2006): "Tool-Radar" (German PDF only).
  • Elke and Michael Niedermair, JavaSPEKTRUM 5 (2005): "Java-GUI-Tests with qftestJUI" (PDF).
  • Christian Glatschke, JavaSPEKTRUM 6 (2004): "Java Swing GUI Tests" (German PDF only).

Presentations about QF‑Test

  • Schweier, Dirk (2018): Synergies of test automation and load tests (German PDF only)
  • Bihler, Pascal (2017): It works, but does it work the way it should? (German PDF only)
  • Klaffke, Fabian (2017): Keyword-driven testing and variant management – practical experience with Klaros-Testmanagement and QF-Test (German PDF only)
  • Bihler, Pascal (2015): A look behind the scenes of Java GUI test automation (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2013): Dynamic GUIS and stable GUI Tests - How does that work? (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2010): Preventing Bananaware: Test automation from a user's perspective for RCP applications (PDF)
  • Moser, Martin (2010): Stable GUI Tests by usw of a modular Testing Architecture (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2009): GUI Test Automation - How to do it (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2008): Preventing Bananaware - Java GUI Test Automation (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2007): When does GUI test automation pay off?... and what developers can do about it (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin and Schmid, Gregor (2007): When does automation of GUI testing pay off? (PDF)
  • Schmid, Gregor and Schmeißner, Frank (2006): When does test automation pay off? (German PDF only)
  • Schmid Gregor (2005): Write Once, Test Everywhere! - When does Java GUI test automation pay off? (German PDF only)
  • Schmid, Gregor (2005): Write Once, Test Everywhere! - The Challenge of Cross Platform GUI Test Automation (PDF)
  • Schmid, Gregor (2004): Automation of Functional GUI Tests for Java Applications with qftestJUI (PDF)

Local press about QFS and QF‑Test

Our press releases

Besides our press releases the pages News, Release Notes and Training & Consulting are also very useful. 

  • Migration of Java applications into the Web with Webswing - tested with QF-Test (PDF) (2020)

  • QF-Test – now also for cleaning windows. QF-Test version 5.0 (PDF) (2020)

  • Quality First Software GmbH wins first prize in competition “Bavaria’s best employers” in category under 50 employees at GPtW Bavaris (2018) (PDF)

  • QFS is a Great Place to Work: No.1 of the German IT companies category under 50 employees at GPtW (2018) (PDF)
  • QFS and Neotys: new international partnership for load tests of web applications - QF-Test (of QFS) and Neoload (of Neotys): a tool wedding with the perfect witness Muth Partners (2017) (PDF)
  • Quality prevails: the 1000th customer (afb) for the proven test tool from QFS (2015) (PDF)
  • hsp trusts in well established technology from QFS: QF-Test helps hsp to examine the various aspects of GUI usability of their e-balance tool Opti.Tax for their customers reliably (2013) (German PDF only)
  • Testing of Web: now also supported for PrimeFaces, ZK and RAP 2 (2013) (PDF)
  • Testing of Web: finally AJAX toolkit-independent (2012) (PDF)
  • QFS and QMetry announce Technology and Distribution partnership - Agreement enables companies to offer products through Technology integrations: Partnership of QFS and QMetry (2012) (PDF)
  • Improved software test automation: QFS and Qualisystems proudly present their tool integration (2010) (PDF)
  • QF-Test 3.2: Professional GUI testing of Java and Web - now also for web sites with embedded applets and for Eclipse/SWT 3.6 including GEF (2010) (PDF)
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications secured and tested: Excelsior and QFS proudly present their tool combination at EclipseCon (2010) (PDF)