Moritz Ragg, Team Lead User Interfaces Developement, Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Thank you very much for your quick and detailed reply, which helped me a lot, solved our problem and clarified some things about the mechanism.

Michael Wischnjakow, Quality Assurance Business Unit Construction and Environment – Prosoz Herten GmbH,

We have been using QF-Test since 07/21 and have now automated the majority of our revision tests, which were previously carried out manually. Since we have set up the CI in such a way that the automated tests are executed in parallel on different runners, we have a huge time saving. Thanks also for the new Smart IDs, which make working with QF-Test much easier. Writing the tests is faster and the tests are easier to read.

Mandy Gutbier, IT applications / software quality - Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen, Dresden, Germany:

Sometimes it's really like a miracle - it works! No, seriously, the miracle is probably that you do a mega job in support and I always get the perfect answer from you. A big compliment to you and the whole team.

Knut Müller, Software Developer - Test Automation at UI Information Technologies GmbH, Frankfurt on the Main:

Thank you very much for your help and solving the problem. I am glad to use QF-Test, your support is just great.... and the new Dark Mode too.

Robert Jelinek, Tester, Mentor Graphics, Budapest, Hungary:

Your support team is easily the best I have ever worked with.

Alexander F., Frei GmbH, Germany:

We have been using QF-Test for quite some time. The software is best suited for our purposes and performs well in our automated tests, especially the CIT (Continuous Integration Test), which runs several times a day.
In our experience, the support is professional and fast, so if you have a request, you get feedback and help after a short time.

Nguyên Thị Tài Phan (Ms), Tester, Da Nang, Vietnam:

I want to send a big thank you to all of you for creating such an easy tool for testing.

Martin Ronchi, Management Consulting, Adcubum AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland:

Thanks a lot for this brilliant service. That something we really appreciate.

Developer at Cipal Schaubroeck, Belgium:

I have received the trial license and it’s working very good for our Swing application.
Our application is built using Spring Rich Client Project.

Dr. Lars Fiedler, EUMETSAT, Germany:

QF-Test is used at EUMETSAT to verify the software of our instrument EGSE’s. QF-Test helped to significantly reduced the overall test duration and test effort. 

Bernhard Rappold, Director Software Development at TAC | The Assistant Company, Hartberg, Austria:

Extending the CustomWebResolver is easy and uncomplicated - even with toolkit specific classes. Thanks to the Quickstart Wizard creating the project was fast and unproblematic and we could use it immediately. This is the reason why QF-Test will stay a top tool in the test automation field for TAC.

Shivam Trehan, Software Test Specialist, Ravensburg, Germany:

QFT makes it easy to automate the tests. A lot of things have been taken care in the backend to make the user’s life comfortable.

Huawei Luo, TIBCO Software Inc., USA:

QF-Test is the best GUI testing tool and has the best support team I ever saw.

Basil Baluta, CEO, Wairever Inc, Calgary AB, Canada:

QF-Test saved our bacon a few times and after nearly 3 man years of coding effort, we built end-to-end test scripts with QF-Test, we released our product and only had 1 defect reported after acceptance testing by our clients in 3 months, and that was due to a weird race condition with a slower machine, not a missed regression test.

Jochen Fischer, VoiceObjects, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany:

Did you evaluate more than one tool?

Yes, among others "Squish for Java" of Froglogic and "WindowTester SWT" of Instantiations. We chose QF-Test because of these reasons

  • uncomplicated and intuitive usability
  • price-performance-ratio
  • Usage of Jython as scripting language

We are using Jython for our quality assurance, too, and Python even more for automated testing. That's why we benefit from this feature of the software.

Alexander Sarris, Senior Manager OSS Engineering, Sunrise Communications AG, Zürich, Switzerland:

Thank you for your really exemplary approach to customer support!

Gavin Walsh, TISL, Great Britain:

Gregor, I have never had such timely support in 16 years of IT. You and your company are to be applauded!

Ratanak Koy, Application Developer, Wellington, New Zealand:

When we first started looking into automated GUI testing tools, we also evaluated GUIdancer by Bredex and Squish by Froglogic. Going with QF-Test was a no-brainer for us, as it was better in all areas.

Benoit Lemarchand, Global Core Java Middleware Unit Manager, Amadeus, France:

As part of its offer, our company proposes a suite of products for airline IT named Altéa. Graphical interfaces use complex graphical components based on Java Swing and are deployed on several tens of thousands of workstations. Deployment is costly and time consuming thus it is primordial for us to ensure high level of quality. We have then conducted a study to find suitable test tool; 7 tools have been evaluated including QF-Test and the best known products.

QF-Test has been selected for following reasons:

  • It has the most powerful and reliable components recognition of all products tested, contrary to multi-language test tools, QF-Test fully exploits Java Swing specificity for component recognition.
  • Speed at which QF-Test is able to play a scenario is quite impressive; it allows on time delivery without sacrificing quality.
  • It is the only tool to our knowledge that offers automated solutions to pause regression during server exchanges.
  • Jython scripting coupled with procedure feature allow us to create powerful procedures for our testers that have no development knowledge.
  • Last but not least, QFS offered us very good level of support during evaluation (and after purchase).

Jörg Paelke, PPI AG, Hamburg, Germany:

We have been using QF-Test successfully in several projects for one and a half year. Partly, the tested applications have passed several releases.
Generally I can say that die tests are project overlapping stable and as long as they are good modularized easily to maintain. Because of the high coverage of these automated tests, we are able to execute revision tests in a short period of time.

The reasons, that led us to QF-Test, are especially the maintenance given by separation of components and events, die testability of complex structures (e.g. JTree, JTable), good structuring of the test suite (important for very extensive applications) and the possibility of shared development of the tests.

Heinz Füglister, Process Research, Ferag AG, Hinwil, Switzerland:

I know Sikuli and I am using it for special cases. But I would never choos Sikuli over such a powervul, stable and professinal application like QF-Test with such an outstanding support.

Holm Fischer, Senior Consulting Manager, SYSTEMA GmbH, Regensburg, Germany:

I can already tell you that we could fulfill the client’s project only with your product QF-Test within the given time frame and budget. Your software contributed to its success – even though the client’s project isn’t finished yet, this statement is applicable by now.

Andreas Kellerstrass, Management Consulting, Adbubum AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland:

By the way I don’t know any other company with such a support for years. Even if you have more complex questions and wait sometimes a bit for an answer, they are always very detailed and exhaustive that nothing remains open. I wanted to express my excitement about this already for some time.

Frank Blechschmidt, Senior Consultant Test systems, imbus AG, Möhrendorf, Germany:

I am again and again excited about the reaction time in your company. Like this the "small" have a chance against the old-established companies. Big plaudit to your product support pages, especially the functionality of the onsite-search!

Glenn Chambers, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Rocket Software, Netherlands:

For testing Java, Eclipse and WEB applications it's the best thing since sliced bread :)

Peter Füss, Centris AG, Solothurn, Switzerland:

Thanks a lot for your fast and competent help. I am enthusiastic about your fast and competent assistance. I am happy about your support, anyway. I have never seen such a good support.

Yuri Tsyganenko, QA Engineer, DataArt, Inc., Russia:

The help from QFS always was the most professional. Answers were very exact and detailed. Moreover, besides the helpful information, there were always comments about further improvements. It's important to know the developers are aware of our problems and are doing the best to solve them. Help and support from QFS is the best I met! Thanks. Good job!

Sean Kane, QA Manager, Intervoice, Dallas, USA:

This past year we looked at several automated testing tools for eclipse. Your new eclipse support is far better than the competition. Keep the improvements coming. Your team has been very supportive when ever we have needed it. I wish you and your team continued success.

Adriana Rottach, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Software Engineer Product Development, Erlangen, Germany:

Thank you very very much for your effort, I have never experienced such a customer-friendliness.

Dorit Rieur, Senior QA Engineer, Schema LTD, Israel:

The main reason we chose QF-Test was its compliance with Java and NetBeans. I must say I have composed a set of tests and hardly need any support. The tool is intuitive, and the manual usually helps me. This is indeed a great tool to work with. We are saving lots of testing time using the automation scripts.

Chris Stanbridge, Senior Quality Engineer, E-Health Research Centre Brisbane, Australia:

I am currently working with QF-Test pretty much on a daily basis. The intention is to automate the entire regression test effort for our system. Right now about 85% of the functional requirements are exercised by QF-Test. And of course the support is legendary, replies to all my questions within 12 hours and I'm on the other side of the world!

Suretec GmbH, Lohmar, Germany:

The support of your company are really great, I got the right answer to my question the same day.

Chetan Vij, QA Manager, GE Medical Systems, Bangalore, India:

I love the lightning quick responses. This has helped us getting a nice start with QF-Test and we are thrilled about it. Thanks for all the support!

Simon, Shanghai, China:

QF-Test is the high effective regression testing tool, reduce lots of man days and time on regression testing, which is very important for us to verify the product quality if time or QA resource are limited.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)