Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle ERP and SAP are arguably the most complex type of software used in most organizations.

This makes robust test coverage and automation all the more important to ensure the reliability of this critical system component. Solid quality assurance is also crucial for ERP system users. Not only do legal accounting obligations have to be met, but in the event of an audit, functioning business processes can be demonstrated thanks to test automation.

The central nervous system of your company – tested with QF-Test!

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Reliable object identification

QF-Test stands for robust component recognition & infrequent maintenance of your test cases.

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Daily regression tests

Monitoring of repetitive testing for documented good software quality of the entire insurance process.

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Flexible integrations

Common tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Git, databases for insurance test data can be combined with QF-Test.

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Customizable reports

Customizable and clear test reports for the needs of all stakeholders as html or xml reports.

Our long-term partner, SIV.AG, has been testing the user interface of its ERP software suite kVASy with QF-Test since 2014 in order to guarantee consistently high quality for its customers.

Just like other ERP systems, the kVASy suite forms the central nervous system of a company. Therefore, thorough and consistent quality assurance of the product interface with QF-Test has become indispensable for SIV.AG.

"Every week, many hundreds of process tests are executed in the user interface of the complex ERP system kVASy using the Tool QF-Test from Quality First Software GmbH."

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Andrea Menda

Deputy Head of Department Management Operations, SIV.AG

eMundo provides project management solutions for the construction industry. Also eMundo has been using QF-Test for many years to test the user interface of complex ERP software.

For eMundo's ERP testing, the wide range of GUI elements that QF-Test supports and QF-Test's smooth integration with CI systems such as Jenkins are particularly important.

"The support for any kind of GUI element, as well as for complex elements such as tables, trees, etc., is very good. For requirements that go beyond this, QF-Test offers the possibility to be extended individually via various interfaces. These extensions integrate seamlessly into the clear and well thought-out operating concept of QF-Test."

Gerhard Katstaller

eMundo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

remoso is a leading provider of ERP software solutions for mobility. The company relies on QF-Test to increase test speed while maintaining quality through test automation. In this way, the ERP software for state-of-the-art fleet operator concepts for fleet management, vehicle rental and car sharing could be migrated successfully.

„The decision to rely on test automation with QF-Test has paid off for us after a short time. We perform more tests in a shorter period of time, reduce the workload of our employees and increase the quality, since human errors are excluded. The investment in QF-Test and the corresponding qualification of the employees is also seen as more than justified by the management.“

Patrick Veit

remoso GmbH, Ravensbourg, Allemagne

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Do you want to test your ERP system, too?

Why not use QF-Test for the quality assurance of your ERP!

Simply give QF-Test a try by contacting us by phone (+ 8171 38648-10) or at service@remove-this.qfs.de. We will be happy to arrange a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.

Since the beginnings of test automation at SIV.AG, we have had an extremely reliable and internationally experienced partner in Quality First Software GmbH, with whose help we were able to successively professionalize. This was possible thanks to the numerous further developments of QF-Test and its reliably quick support.

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Andrea Menda

Deputy Head of Department Management Operations, SIV.AG

QF-Test is comprehensively documented, questions are answered exceptionally quickly by the very competent and pleasant support team!

Gerhard Katstaller

eMundo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

By using QF-Test, we were able to save a lot of time that was previously spent on manual testing. Our Quality Assurance team has been relieved and thus has more time to deal with the other sub-areas of software quality assurance.

Patrick Veit

remoso GmbH, Ravensburg, Germany

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