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Cash register system

GK Software + QF-Test = 
Error-free software for the execution of your core operations

Testing GK Software tills with QF-Test successfully

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More about GK Software.

Since 15 years GK Software is testing its own software with the test automation tool QF-Test.

Our consultants have large experience in testing GK Software. GK Software and QF-Test have several joint customers.

Typical application of QF-Test for GK Software

  • Coverage of the core operations of a cash register system e.g. selling standard products, reiceipt cancelling etc.
  • Tests over different languages: A lot of retailers are represented in several countrires that's the reason why they need tests per language.
  • Tests of different operation variants as discounts (different discount options), loyalty card points, receipt print, interfaces etc.

⇒ High test coverage of your acutally used GK Software version via regression tests

Do you want to test your GK Software cash register software as well?

Then try QF-Test for the qualiy assurance of your GK Software cash register system and its backend for your retail company!

The technology used by QF-Test is QF-Test/swing or QF-Test/swing+web, depending on what you want to test from the GK portfolio.

Just contact us via  +49 8171 38648-10 or qfs@remove-this.qfs.de to make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced GK Software experts.

Check it out for yourself:

QFS has a lot of satisfied clients of the retail industry, because QF-Test is testing their cash register software and the backend optimally.

Make sure that business-critical processes are handled properly and the risk of an error in releasing an update to your stores is minimized.

  • Evaluation reports to look up
  • Free download of QF-Test and free trial license, fully functional, for 4 weeks

[Translate to English:] Projektanforderungen Klaros Testmanagement

Test management with Klaros from verit

For the fast implementation we recommend the test management tool Klaros from verit (German PDF only), that is pursuing the keyword driven testing approach when testing GK Software with QF-Test.


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