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02. November 2023

How mgm Advances Test Automation with QF-Test

Our parent company mgm technology partners has published a blog post about how they have been using QF-Test to supercharge their test automation efforts over the last 10 years:

"At mgm, QF-Test is employed in projects with test automation in a modular and structured manner. Automation of software testing is an integral part of software development, including quality assurance tests like QF-Tests. […] We’ve achieved efficiency in our processes by adopting QF-Test on a broad scale."

The company utilized QF-Test in a clever way to automate testing of their model-driven Enterprise Low Code Framework A12 by building “mgm A12-ATA”, a tool that automatically creates end-to-end test cases from A12 model definitions in QF-Test:

"ATA generates the code from the A12 models for QF-Test automation of the A12 forms, including scopes and SmartIDs. Moreover, it features an interpreter with a library that can control all A12 widgets on the user interface using QF-Test. With ATA, automatic filling or testing of A12 forms with minimal QF-Test implementation is feasible."

You can read the whole post over on the mgm insights blog. And to learn more about the powerful tools for testing web applications in QF-Test, you can take a look at our product page.

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