Software testing for retail and gastronomy

There are many cash register systems (system solutions, individual tills, standalone - cash registers...), that are in use in retail (e.g. GK Software) and gastronomoy with a large number of hardware and software solutions. 

We have great retail experience. German speaking retailers have been using QF-Test successfully for several years in testing the cash register software of their different areas of application

QF-Test can handle any desired complicated cash register system, when:

  • a huge number of data flow together and processes like different devices (printer, scanner, keyboard, customer display, terminals, customer cards etc.) depend on them.
  • the number of articles/goods/languages integraded is increasing.
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Do you want to test your cash register software as well?

Then try QF-Test for the quality assurance of your cash register software!

Just contact us via phone + 8171 38648-10 oder via that we can make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.


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