Software testing for retail and gastronomy

There are many cash register systems at point of sale:

  • system solutions
  • standalone - cash registers (individual tills)
  • backend

that are in use in retail and gastronomy with a large number of hardware and software solutions.

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Testing of any complicated cash registers

QF-Test can handle any desired complicated cash register system, when:

  • a huge number of data flow together and processes like different devices (printer, scanner, keyboard, customer display, terminals, customer cards etc.) depend on them.
  • the number of articles/groups of goods/languages integraded is increasing.

Many years of experience in the cash register environment

In the retail sector, we have with GK Software the greatest experience. German-speaking retailers have successfully used QF-Test for many years to test the checkouts of their individual areas. Unfortunately we are not allowed to name these customers on our website, but a look at the GK Software customers might help you.

Everything you need for good test automation of checkout software

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Reliable object identification

QF-Test stands for robust component recognition & infrequent maintenance of your checkout tests.

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Daily regression tests

Monitoring of repetitive testing for documented good software quality of the entire purchasing process.

QF-Test integrations
Flexible integrations

Common tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Git, databases for the articles and commodity groups can be combined with QF-Test.

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Customizable reports

Customizable and clear test reports for the needs of all stakeholders as html or xml reports.

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Do you want to test your cash register software as well?

Then try QF-Test for the quality assurance of your cash register software!

Just try QF-Test, contact us via phone + 8171 38648-10 or via that we can make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.


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More than 1,400 customers worldwide use QF-Test.

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