Release notes
QF-Test version 5.0
Version 5.0.2 - March 2, 2020

New features:

  • The webp image compression library was updated to version 1.1.0.
  • Keyboard event input in JX Browser is now more stable.
  • Contrast of toolbar icons has been improved especially for disabled buttons.
  • QF-Test now supports testing with Opera 68.

Bugs fixed:

  • Angular 9 is now auto-detected correctly.
  • The 'CSV data file' node now correctly handles UTF-8 encoded files with BOM that start with an encapsulated complex expression.
  • Windows-Tests The 'Start windows application' node can again attach to a client via a given class name (-class) in the 'Window title' attribute.
  • Error handling and retry for automatic downloads of WebDriver libraries has been improved.
  • Windows-Tests Recording elements with a flat hierarchy did not work.
  • The PDF client is now able to check a Text component which contains only null "\u0000" characters and treats it as an empty String.
Version 5.0.1 - March 02, 2020

New features:

  • Windows-Tests A new demo test-suite was added for the Windows 10 Calculator.
  • QF-Test now supports Opera 67 with Operadriver 80.0.3987.100.
  • SWT QF-Test now supports tests for applications based on Eclipse/SWT 4.15 alias "2020-03".

Bugs fixed:

  • Windows-Tests When recording components for the whole window, elements within a WPF TabPanel were omitted.
  • The qfs.database.executeSelectStatement procedure now works again for databases requiring an explicit db.commit() statement.
  • When executing a 'Server HTTP request' node, the returned body was mistakenly not stored in a variable in case of a server error.
  • JavaFX Processing JavaFX images in order to calculate a hash value could cause a NullPointerException; to get printed to the terminal.
  • Windows-Tests Fixed a bug where a TextField in a Windows application might not get cleared before input.
  • Windows-Tests Occasionally a ModalDialogException might get incorrectly thrown in WPF Windows applications.
Main new features in version 5

Note For a detailed list of new features please see the release notes below for QF-Test versions 5.0.0.

The following major new features have been implemented for QF-Test version 5:

Description Further info
New GUI engine: Windows Testing native Windows applications
Modernized User Interface of QF-Test QF-Test looks more modern
Tests with Java 14 Applications based on Java 14 can be tested now
Test-suites with comments 'Comment' node directly in the tree of a test-suite
Edge based on Chromium Tests with the final Edge based on Chromium are now possible
File download via the 'Server HTTP request' node Attribute 'Save response to file'
Table B.1:  

Changes that can affect test execution:

Software that is no longer supported:

Note Please see section 1.1 for a detailed list of system requirements and supported technology versions.

  • Testing of applications based on Java 6 is no longer supported.
Version 5.0.0 - February 6, 2020

New features:

  • With the new Windows engine QF-Test can now test native Windows applications.
  • Support was added for testing applications based on Java 14.
  • The new 'Comment' node can be used to improve the structure and readability of test-suites and run-logs.
  • It is now possible to download a file via the new 'Save response to file' attribute of the 'Server HTTP request' node.
  • Windows-Tests A package for Windows applications has been added to the standard library qfs.qft.
  • On Windows 10 QF-Test is now correctly displayed at scaled high resolution displays.
  • Web In the manual the chapter Web testing has been revised and a section (subsection 45.1.3) describing the procedure qfs.web.ajax.installCustomWebResolver of the standard library has been added.
  • The option Show message dialog after now has a setting to show a message dialog also when a test run finishes successfully.
  • If the result dialog gets shown after a search the search dialog is now closed automatically.
  • The new procedure qfs.util.click in the standard library qfs.qft can be used to click at an arbitrary position on the screen.
  • You can now create an electron start sequence in the quickstart wizard that automatically detects the required ChromeDriver.
  • When copying a 'Procedure call', 'Test call' or 'Dependency reference' node the name of the target node is now also copied as text to the clipboard.
  • Web The bundled GeckoDriver has been updated to version 0.26.0.
  • Web On Windows, tests with the Microsoft Edge 78 and newer are also possible in headless mode.
  • Web QF-Test supports now Opera 66 with Operadriver 79.0.3945.79.
  • The new variable engine.$(componentId) in the qftest special group makes it possible to find out which GUI-engine a component belongs to.
  • The project tree view in QF-Test now uses a natural sort order, respecting indexes and cases.
  • Data for several new mobile devices was added to the Mobile Emulation setup in the quickstart wizard.

Bugs fixed:

  • An image might have been removed from the run-log in low-memory situations.
  • Fixed a sporadic exception that could appear when creating a test-suite from a run-log.
  • 'Finally' nodes inside a 'Try' now get executed even when an instant rerun gets triggered from within the 'Try' node.
  • ImageWrapper methods now log warnings whenever the method fails.
  • In very rare cases the [Ctrl] key might accidentally have stayed in pressed state after finishing replay.
QF-Test version 4
QF-Test version 3